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zandile - August 26

How much time do i have left if i want to have an arbotion. and what is the procedure (i am in my 2nd trimester


Elizabeth - April 27

How much is to get a arbortion


Maureen - April 27

Please go and ask your Dr. all this information.


Janny - April 28

You have no time left. The procedure is D and C


ann - May 10

usually until wk twenty. after that, you must find a specialty clinic.


Dionne McBride - May 15

how much is it to get an arbortion


Dionne McBride - May 15

where is a arbortion clinic in Richmond Va. or locate counties


Claudia - May 26

Does arbortion kills teenagers


nito - May 28

3 months


Julie - June 2

the cut-off date usually depends on where you live and how much you can afford to pay. If you don't live in a major city, it can be extremely difficult to find a doctor to perform an abortion after the first trimester unless you have significant financial means, which many of us who experience unplanned pregnancy do not.


aimee - June 11

i dont know, can i go on my own for a trimester iam 17 years old


Julia - June 30

I am 20 weeks pregnant and getting an abortion is the last thing on my mind. At 20 weeks your baby can hear you,has all major organs, breathing, sucking his/her thumb, and so much more. When and if you feel the first movements maybe you'd change your mind. If you are 15 yrs old 17 yrs old, whatever the case may be, just tell your family you are pregnant and skip the abortion.They'll get over it quicker than you'd think. That baby is half of you, the fetus is now a baby. Everything is there and working. Well here is all of your answers....You made the bed, now lay in it....Good Luck on making a decision...and by the way....I think after 14 weeks you have to go to a specialty doctor...depending on what state you reside in...and after 14 weeks in goes from $500.00 to $1,200 and up....Think about it......


Beth - July 30

Betty, I have a lot of respect for you.


baby belly - August 8

depending on where you live abortion can be illegal, therefore you would have to travel to get one. My doctor informed me that they're only available up to 16 wks, the more you wait the more expensive it is.It might be able to be preformed later on but its different procedures.I also strongly suggest you read about fetal development and abortions before following through with this decision because its an awful choice and you may not realize the consequences


Annon - August 24

How the hell can you even think about getting an abortion done now??thats is wrong..if you knew you wanted an abortion then why wait til now?why not get it done when you first found out you were pregnant before the baby had time to develop??i hate abortions..but if people are going to have them done then it should'nt be when they are so far along.


Sarah - August 26

I dont agree with what you are thinking about, but to have an abortion you would probably have to go a partial birth, which is disgusting, they induce you and then suck your babies brains out before the head comes out of you. Its very sick. Keep your baby, even if you choose adoption, you are not taking away a life that does not belong to you.


Miriam - September 15

Before you decide to abort, please go and have an ultrasound done. You will be amazed at seeing the completeness of this baby. She/he is fully formed and will start to feel and hear you. Despite what others may say this baby is connected to you heart and soul. Please consider adoption, my husband is adopted and if his mother had aborted I wouldnt have this wonderful man right now!



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