Are Dreams Premonitions

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ironmama - April 23

Hey Ladies, So I've had a few dreams about baby so far, I'm 25 weeks along now, and in each of them the baby's been a girl. But when my doctor offered to tell me what the s_x of the baby is I decided to keep it a suprise. So I will have to wait to find out! I have a question for those who have found out what they are having-- it is "were your dreams correct?" Did you have dreams about your baby, before you found out what the s_x is, and now that you know, were your dreams right? I am so curious... :)


mjvdec01 - April 23

We found out we are having boy at 18 weeks. Before then I was having really vivid dreams that I had a boy. I really think that sometimes women just 'know'. It's strange, I also dreamed that he was 7 lbs 9 oz, and in that same dream I saw his face. I guess we will see. I am currently 26 weeks 6 days and due july 24th.


bellybubble - April 23

Hi all - well I really hope that dreams arent premonitions because so far I have dreamt I had a boy (2 dreams) and a girl - and get this - KITTENS!! haha Not just one but a litter - AND I wasnt upset at all that I had given birth to kittens - just that I couldnt b___st feed them because of their teeth! It was truely wierd!!! haha I am having some shockers!


mjvdec01 - April 23

That is funny. With my first had a dream that my OB delivered me in a warehouse on a metal table like the ones the coroner uses. It was really bizare.


bubbasmom - April 23

I asked a similar questions a few months back (less about dreams and more just about mothers intuition). Anyways, I did dream my first was a boy and he was. With my second (I'm 27 weeks) I felt it was a girl but had no dreams about gender. Two ultrasounds said it was another boy though. Guess you have to wait. Good luck.


llukenjess - April 23

I had a dream it was a boy and i found out yesterday that i'm having a baby girl


softbreeze200 - April 23

lord I hoep not!! I have had two dreams that I gave birth to a toddler!! And it wanted to b___st feed!! It was already talking and walking and would tell me "to wip it out - I'm hungry!!" Ahhh I was always so ticked in my dreams because all the cute little clothes that I bought didn't fit becasue the baby was the size of a four year old!! LOL!!! But I do think that some mothers "just know". :)


llukenjess - April 23

LOLOL that's soo funny softbreeze!


ejmeskan - April 23

Oh my hilarious...the kittens take the cake! ha! I had dreams that I was having a girl with my last pregnancy, and like you we didn't find out and it was a boy! So who knows!


Patience2008 - April 23

Last pregnancy I had lots of dreams and just intuition that it was a boy and it was. This pregnancy I feel like its a girl but the only baby related dream Ive had I was in labor and we thought it was a girl but when I delievered they said "Its a boy!" So three more weeks and Ill hopefully find out.


yumymumy - April 27

iv heard dreaming of a certian s_x means you will have the opposite s_x, b4 i even had children i had a very life like dream i was in a back garden with a girl she was a toddler and she was my baby girl, well im on my second boy lol. BUT this pregnancy i have dreamt of this unborn baby boy, i was holding him, and seen his face. i never had any dreams of my 1st son at all, besides me being pregnant or in labour but i never seen the baby.


MelanieC - April 28

i've been dreaming a lot about having a girl, and having this gut feeling that it was a girl, but like a told my friends i think i've been getting these dreams and this feeling because i know how much my husband wants a son, and i've been scared of being disappointed, personnaly i didn't care about the s_x but i was hoping we would get a son so he would get what he wanted (even though i know deep down he would love a little girl just as much) and this was a way of telling myself it's a girl as to not be too disappointed when we do get to know the s_x... i found out last thursday that it's a boy so... all my dreams and feelings were wrong haha... so much for that :D



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