Are Hot Tubs Safe

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Jamie - September 17

I am 12 weeks pregnant now, but I am getting married next month and the place we are staying for our honeymoon has a hot tub, I will be 16 and 17 weeks, is this safe??


randi - September 17

no, never during your pregnancy not even hot hot baths it can cause a miscarage instinly


Maggie - September 17

Unfortunately its a no-no while pregnant. I used to go into the hot tub b/c I have a bad back, but my doc said no b/c hot tubs are a breeding ground for bacteria. Its fine to go swimming though. Congrats on your wedding and baby!


Rhonda - September 17

My best friend is pregnant as well and owns a hot tub she told me her doctor said no more than 10 mins at a time...but to be safe you should consult with your doctor as well


LRK - September 18

They say no. It really has to do with not increasing your body temperature and cooking your baby. I think that if you got into a hottub, you would not be able to stay in long enough to enjoy it anyway. You could put your legs in, but that is not too fun. Sorry, but have a nice honeymoon!


Nope - September 18

I lost a baby that way because I didn't know. You litteraly raise your body temp in those things and cook your baby. The baby can't do a thing to cool down other then depend on you. Don't do what I did - stay OUT!!!!


marlene - September 19

i was told no hot tubs and no baths by my doctor. sorry but have a good honeymoon!!


Cathy - September 19

I have a hot tub as well, and my doctor told me I can get in it as long as I set the tempurature for no higher than 100°. I keep it on 98° for this reason. The heat is the other reason some woman are tol dnot to take baths, but as long as you don't have the water too hot you should be ok. Listen to your body and if it tells you you are getting too hot, get out of the tub and cool down. Don't let your body temp rise to much. I personally have only gotten into my hot tub a few times and only stay in for about 10minutes each. The jets feel real good on my lower back.


natalie - September 19

whatever your temperature is, your baby's temperature is. so if you over heat yourself, you over heat your baby. i woul say dont do it, coz you would really regret it if anything happened to your littun


mika - September 19

the bun thats in your oven is cooking nicely, now you turn up your heat your gonna burn that bun, so its not a good idea


cj - September 19

My midwife told me that it's okay to take baths or go in a hot tub if it's not over 100 degrees. The problem is that public hot tubs are pretty much always hotter than that, so you probably shouldn't go in. Have a great honeymoon!



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