Arrrrgh 21 Week U S And Baby Would Not Cooperate

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LW - January 6

Hi all! So we went for our 21 week u/s today and were soooooooooooooooooooo excited to find out what flavour baby we're having but... junior would not cooperate!!! Infact, not only would the baby not turn to show anything but also put the cord between its legs which hid everything!! Silly little thing! The tech said she might be willing to say a girl - 55% sure but that it's a stretch! On the bright side - our baby is WILDLY entertaining - moves all over the place, swallowed a bunch of times, waved, kicked, rolled from side to side - it was great to see!! Anyone else out there have a tech be less than sure and have it turn out like they thought?


Angie - January 6

We have had 3 scans and are expecting twins. Now imagine our delight when we found out one is a boy but the other will not show!! We want to prepare for these 2 but he/she is sitting breech and will not give it up!! Will see what the future holds. And by the way, at our 2nd scan the tech thought the boy was a boy ..around 80% sure, the last one was for sure a boy. No mistaken it!!


mama-beans - January 6

I paid out-of-pocket ( around $100) for another ultrasound when my lil' girl wouldn't cooperate..


Ann - January 6

Hi! My little one was also not very cooperative. The tech and Dr. (at the hospital) said pretty sure it was a girl. The kept seeing three lines, which they said would indicate a girl. But, when I went to my next doctor's appt., they asked if I knew what I was having. I told them and my doctor said, "oh it wasn't written down which they only do if they are 100%." UGH! Fortunately I am going back in two weeks for another scan. I'll be 22 weeks and we are hoping to get another peek then. Good luck!


Drew - January 6

The same thing happened to us....ours was way too busy to give us a good clear shot. The tech didn't even want to speculate what it might be! But we did get to see a really cute yawn, and thumb sucking! The only thing I really hate is calling my baby "it". I may just go and pay out of pocket for another one too..... :)



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