Asking For A Quick Prayer From My Girls

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HannahBaby - May 10

Hi Ladies. Its 4:22am where i live and i am getting ready to go pick up my father and take him to the hospital. He has an operation today to remove a tumor on his bladder (which may or may not be cancerous) They are unsure if the tumor will be removed easily, it not they will have to take his bladder. I believe in the power of prayer and i am asking all of you to just say a quick prayer for my father. His name is Walter. Thank you all so much.


yungmama - May 10

HannahBaby, I hope everything goes well. I will be saying a prayer for your father. Good Luck!!!


SuzieQ - May 10

Good thoughts heading your way... hope all goes well.


Mandy1984 - May 10

ditto xxxx


Mellissa - May 10

i hope everything goes well... i'll pray for him. good luck!!! xoxoxoxox


Evonna - May 10

Hope everything goes well with your father and that he will pull through the surgery just fine. = ]


pari - May 10

dont worry hannahaby,everything will be ok.I'll say a prayer for Walter....all the best


ThePezChick - May 10

Good health and a fast recovery sent his way.....


HannahBaby - May 10

Hi ladies thank you so much for all your prayers and support. Unfortunately they did find a large cancerous tumor. He will be having some tests to see if the cancer spread anywhere in his body, if it did he will need a very aggressive treatment with chemo and radiation. If it didnt then he will lose his bladder and have a small round of chemo treatment. Its funny because earlier today i was hoping that they could save his bladder, and now im hoping that they take it!! Its really hard for me the hospital is about an hour away and i have a 16 month old who i CANNOT bring to a hospital (ew) I am going to see him everday hes there and cant wait until he comes home. Ladies, this cancer is DIRECTLY RELATED to smoking.....if any of you are smokers, quit for your own health, and the health of your loved ones


Rebekah B - May 12

Hanna, I just read your message. I am praying right now and will continue to do so. I spent many days in the hospital with my mom who had a severe case of cancer in her b___st and in 8 limphnodes (sp). She had many prayers too and she has been cancer free for 8 years! May you and your family be blessed with peace and health!


AmyF - May 12

Oh my goodness, Hannahbaby- how are you holding up? My thoughts and prayers are with you


HannahBaby - May 14

another update. My fathers cancer did not spread. He will be meeting with his dr to schedule when he will have his bladder removed. thanks for all your support ladies


Rebekah B - May 15

Sounds promising. I pray for your dad and your family everyday.


HannahBaby - May 15

thank you so much


mandee25 - May 15

God bless you and your family Hannah and I pray for your father to be healthy. xxxxxx


AmyF - May 15

That is great news that it didn't spread. I know there's still a long road to go, but at least that worry isn't there.


mcatherine - May 23

Hannahbaby- I just wanted to say I was sorry about your dad. I did read your post on the other thread - but dropped off for obvious reasons and just thought I would wait a bit to say something. It saddens me when people dismiss the sickness or death of someone that is due to smoking simply becasue they do not know them. I guess no one really wants to feel their own mortality - not even me. And you never want to wish these feelings on someone just to make them see what smoking can do - I shouldn't have done so myself. It p__ses you off at the world, doesn't it? I know what you meant about feeling like your children will be robbed of knowing him. I feel it every single day. It isn't often that I bring it up, but when I look into my son's big blue eyes - I wonder if my mom felt the same type of love for me. I wonder if she had known all those years ago what smoking would do, would she have stopped just so she wouldn't miss out on so much of my life? I wasn't even 30 when she died. I didn't only watch her die, I watched what happened to her kill my dad, too - he died only a year later. Heart just stopped beating in the middle of the night. I don't want to make things sad, I just wanted you to know that I did see what you had to say to me and I thank you for it. And I will say a prayer for your father and hope that the rest of his life is kind to him.



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