Asprin Users Or Anyone With Input

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Stephanie_31 - October 2

I have been taking 80mg (low dose) Asprin once per day since TTC and I am now approaching 14 weeks. I didn't really discuss it with the doc before hand but after a m/c at 12 weeks with my last baby I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could this time to make it work. So my question: When did you stop taking it? I am really scared to stop. Is there a reason I can't stay on it until the end of my second trimester?


zuzu - October 3

i had 3 m/c and no one could figure out why. i was put on aspirin 81 mg daily just as a precaution. i'm told i'll be taking it until the duration of my pregnancy. it's common for some women to take it this way. little risk of harm to the baby apparently. i'm now 21 wks 3 days, and all is well. good luck w/ you.


trilobite - October 3

I had three miscarriages and then went to a specialist. He put me on baby asprin and told me to go off of it at 20 weeks. I am not 24.5 weeks and everything is fine. I think the asprin is probably the most important while the baby is really small. When the placenta is larger there should really be no fear of microclots.


Anathi - October 3

I had preeclampsia in my last pregnancy and this this ai was given junior aprin I'm rearching 24 weeks now and still on them and dont know when I will stop using them the OB will see orherwise we are fine me and the baby.


duckiec - October 3

Hi- I have three blood clotting disorders so am on baby aspirin (in addition to injectable blood thinners)... I was not told of any stop date, and my RE said that there is no harm in taking it throughout. Now as I get closer to delivery they may have to start altering my blood thinner regimen which may include my ba, but otherwise I stay on it. Hope that helps!


izechsmama - October 3

my Dr has me on baby aspirin.. one a day.. for blood pressure precautions.. and i'm supposedly going to be on them the whole pregnancy... they are 81 mg... so i think you're totally safe...


Iamamiracleangel - October 9

My doc actually put me on baby aspirin because I have a high risk of blood clots.. So far, so good, 22 weeks and going strong!


catt - October 10

After 2 unexplained late trimester 1 m/c I discovered I had positive anticardiolipins and risk of clotting. My rhuemy put me on 100mg of aspirin per day and I am now 20 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls! I am very scared to stop as I believe the aspirin has done the trick as everything is looking good and I get specialist scans fortnightly to check the babies blood flow. I suggest anyone who has had unexplained m/c to have autoimmune bloodwork done to check ANA's and ACL.



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