At 14 Weeks How Much Weight Have You Gained

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Patience - July 5

I am up only 2.3 pounds but I was overweight to begin with so I may be losing weight as the baby is growing since I am eating healthier. How much weight have you/did you gain by 14 weeks?


A - July 5

When I was 14 weeks, I only gained 3 lbs. I am now 18 weeks and I have only gained a total of 4 lbs. If you are overweight, like I am, it is fine. The doctor probably only wants you to gain 18 lbs like me.


Gina - July 5

I was at 7 lbs until a week and a half ago. I am now 9-10 lbs and I am 15 weeks today. I have gained weight in bunches not gradually. I dont know why.


Jennifer - July 5

Patience, I am also a little overweight and I am gaining weight slowly. At my last Dr. visit I was 15 weeks and I had only gained 3lbs total. Maybe there are some perks for us girls who aren't super model thin.


Selena - July 5

I am at 14 weeks and have lost 12 lbs since conception! The doctor has finally prescribed medication for my nausea so lets hope that helps me keep some food down for a change. My husband has been joking that atleast we won't have to buy maternity clothes for a while since I am now fitting into shorts and pants I haven't been able to in 2 years! I go for my next doctor's visit in 3 weeks and I have been threatened with drinking protein shakes if I haven't gain atleast a pound back, so wish me luck.


Patience - July 5

selena, good luck!


s - July 5

I was only a tiny bit overweight when I became preggy (by 5 pounds). I gained 7 before I found out I was pregnant and lost it by week 6-7 because I got sick. I haven't gained anything at all since then and I'm 16 weeks.


jycl - July 5

I too lost weight in the beginning and have finally gained 1 lb as of my last appt. at 19wks.


Tanyav - July 6

To Gina, I'm the same way. I'm currently at 17wks and I gained about 10lbs within a matter of a few weeks in the beginning of my preg. I haven't gained anything until a couple of weeks ago. I gained another 5 lbs. It comes in spurts. I haven't gained anything since. :)


GINA - July 6

To Tanya, am glad to know I am not alone. It is very frustrating. I have been walking everyday but am eating more since m/s is gone.


erica - July 6

Girl! I'm in the same position. At 4 weeks I had already gained 8 pounds at 9 weeks I gained 5 pounds and now at 15 weeks I gained 4 pounds. That's a total of 8+5+4= 17lbs=Cow. I'm enjoying every moment of it. I really can't help it. I been eating right it's just that every person is different and we all carry our weight different. I feel that if I gained 23 more pounds wich equal to 40 I will good. I just don't want to go over the 40 pounds. These is my 5th pregnancy and with 3 of them I gained 60+ and with my youngest I only gained 30 pounds. Girl good luck and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy. I love my fat tummy and my big b___st.


Bree - July 6

5 lbs. I'm turning to jello over here! I have been so drained and lazy. I've got to get walking, but it's oh so hot around here (south ga).


jennifer - July 6

Bree I'm also from South Georgia. I used to walk before I got pregnant, but It's just do d__n hot now.


De - July 6

Hi, i am 15 weeks and at my first visit at 10 weeks compared to my visit a 14 weeks i had lost 6 pounds. I am thinkin that this time around the baby is taken all i got from me, could be a good thing if i can keep up in the long run :)


jk - July 7

I'm currently at almost 17 weeks and I've gained a total of 5 lbs. When I was at 14 weeks, I think I gained no more then 3 lbs. I've spoken to my doctor and she said it's perfectly normal as long as I eat well and take vitamins. I just have no cravings, so I eat as much as I always ate. From what I understand, on the average, women gain around 3-5 lbs during the first trimester, and then 2-4 every month to end up at around 20-25 lbs. It also depends on numerous other factors, such as your initial weight, body structure, cravings, etc. Based on what you’ve described, it doesn’t seem like you have any thing to worry about.


J - July 7

I too was a little over weight when I got pregnant. I'm now 16 weeks and have only gained 1 1/2 to 2 pounds since the beginning. I have sick for only a month so I lost a pound a month ago but gained it back. I should be a whale by now 'cause I am hungry all of the time. When I get hungry, it feels like I'm going to turn inside out if I don't eat something FAST! Also, in the beginning I craved tons of stuff and now I crave stuff, but I don't know what it is that I crave and can't find anything to satisfy that craving. I've become very picky with food. I just wish I could find something that I will enjoy eating more than once.



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