At What Week Did You All First Feel Your Baby Move

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estephania2182 - December 26

I'm 14 weeks tomorrow and have heard of women feeling the baby move as early as 16 weeks. Just curious how long it took you all before you noticed it??


Rachel29 - December 26

Hi Estephania! I think I actually started feeling it about 15 weeks or so, but I wasn't really sure it was the baby. Really the first time I ever felt it and was pretty darn sure it was the baby was a few days ago (I'm 17 weeks and 1 day). I hear though if you're really thin, you can feel it as early as 13 weeks.


Daynae79 - December 26

I didnt feel the baby move till around 18-19weeks. Hopefully you feel it a lot sooner then i did!! ; )


NewMommyinMay - December 26

Hi there. I didn't feel my little one move until I was around 20 weeks. This is my first, and I think normally most first-timers won't feel much until 18-20 weeks and beyond. Even if you are thin. I have a thin frame and it still took a while.


michelly4 - December 26

Well I am 2 days shy of 14 weeks and I can feel the baby move. This is also my 3 rd child. I think that makes a difference. I have read as early as 12 weeks with some women. Until you have had a child and feel what it is like they are hard to tell early on. It just feels like gas. But mostly when I am sitting up and there is more pressure on my abdomen is when I feel it. I can't wait til it gets stronger and my husband can feel it. That is usually around 20 wks.


mstcr1 - December 26

This is my 3rd, I felt her move about 14-15 wks. I feel the flutters (or what feels like bubbles popping) but every so often I feel a 'rolling' sensation in my lower gut, I wonder if this could be the baby too, its just the weirdest feeling.


xvkx - December 26

I started feeling flutters at around 10-12 weeks (so hard to tell at that stage!) and felt my first real kick at 16 weeks. And yup, I get the rolls too, lol. And ripples and waves and... well, I think this baby is either going to be a swimmer or a martial arts master, lol.


sarah21 - December 27

I felt it at 18 weeks exactly and this is my first. Ask your mom when she felt it-- it's really consistent in my family.


sterlinberlin05 - December 27

I felt this baby at 16 weeks but with my son I didn't feel him until about 21 I think.


ms. optimistik - December 27

Hey ladies. I just turned 13 weeks yesterday and I have been feeling the baby since about week 10....I wasn't sure if it was the baby at first...but it is. This is my 3rd child too. I am also going to find out if it is twins...I don't know if that matters.!!!! the do said at my 10 wk appt that the baby was very active!!!


Gemini_Girl - December 27

Hi, I didnt feel anything till about wk 24! I had a routine u/s at week 23 and I was really worried but they said it was ok Id feel movement soon and especially with your first it can be later on, also my placenta is anterial so its infront of the baby and cushions its b__ws!


Cevvin - December 27

With my first i was 21 weeks, and my 2nd 14-15 weeks.


racheal_5581 - January 1

Well, this is my third and I started feeling the baby around 8-9weeks. I know they say there's no way possible, but my doctor said beings it's my third and I know what to expect she believes I was feeling the baby. Also, after two previous pregnancies, my stomach musles have been stretched so I could feel the baby alot sooner than with my first or second.


LeeAnn0925 - January 4

Hello ladies, I thought I first felt the baby at 16 weeks, but I was for sure it was the baby at 18 weeks. I am only 18w5d now and I feel it moving every day (mostly at night when I'm lying in bed). I am 5'3 and 110 lbs. It feels like a fish flopping in your lower tummy. When my hubby feels it he says it feels like lil pokes. It's a great feeling. They say that the most common weeks you will start feeling the baby move is 18 weeks because the bones are starting to get hard. Good luck


ma1008 - January 4

Hello, im currently 18 weeks and i felt the first "flutters" and taps at 14 weeks, but this is my second so it's a bit easier to distinguish between other things.


Rachel29 - January 4

Hi estephania! This is my first time, and I felt it at 17 weeks on the dot (well the first time I felt it and was pretty darn sure it was the baby). Now I'm about 18.5 weeks, and am feeling it moving around 3 or 4 times a day! Everybody is different though, so you could feel it earlier or later. My friend who is 19.5 weeks now hasn't felt her baby at all, but at her ultrasound last week the baby was perfectly healthy, so don't freak out if you haven't felt it by then!


disko love - January 5

Hi estephania! I am 16 weeks and I felt my first little baby movements around 13 weeks. I think I noticed the first flutters so early because this is my fourth pregnancy. oh and my last... whew! lol. The little babes seems to get most active at night when I am laying down in bed!



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