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tritty - January 24

well ladies, if you're here that means that you've made your way to the second trimester! woo hoo!!!! congrats to each of us! i know i'm the first since my due date is August 1 but I look forward to the rest of you coming on over for the next part of our journey!


naisey - January 27

I'm due August 2nd so I'm over here now too. I tell you that 4 weeks ago I told my husband that this would be my only pregnancy as I felt that bad. Just like everyone says I now feel fine. I don't even feel pregnant, I feel great. I saw my OB last week and he said that everything is progressing beautifully. Here's to a great 2nd trimester for us all :)


hollyl2313 - January 29

Yay. Finally made it. I'm 13 weeks tomorrow. I'm due the 6th. Most all my symptoms have disappeared,thank goodness. This is my fourth pregnancy and the only pregnancy that I've experienced morning sickness with. I do have CONSTANT cravings for most anything sweet or sour. Its an everyday, all day craving! My next OB appt is Feb 16th. ~Congrats to all of us moving into the 2nd trimester~


tritty - January 30

horray! welcome ladies. I'm so glad not to be a lone anymore :) I have to admit that I've been TERRIBLE about logging on lately. Things have been sooooo busy. it's been good though! How are you guys feeling? I'm doing really well. The tiredness is starting to go away and I'm starting to feel "normal" besides the growing belly. lol! i can't wait to start feeling the baby move. that's by FAR my favorite part of pregnancy! i also have an ultrasound in 2 weeks and i'm hoping to find out the gender (i'll be 16 weeks so it's a bit early but i'm gonna see if we can get a sneak peak). I haven't had any bleeding in about 2 weeks. So pretty much since I started the 2nd tri. WOO HOO! can't tell you how happy that makes me! I'm hoping that means the placenta is moving away from the cervix and that I can have a great pregnancy without worrying about placenta previa! i think that's about it. my good friend just had her baby 2 days ago and i can't wait to get my hands on him! seeing a new baby gets me so excited to do it all over again. i LOVE the newborn stage. it'll be so fun! update when you have a chance and i'll try and be better myself! take care ladies!


c2beaudoin - February 1

Hi Ladies! I'm not officially in the second trimester yet but I will be on Friday. I just have a question for all of you and I figured it would be better to ask in the second trimester group than the first since the others are still about 2 weeks or more behind me. Today I woke up and I felt some c___pping, not severe but lower in my abdomen, sorta like period cramps but not really. It's hard to explain. I also had some lower back pain. It's about 10am and the back pain has gone away but I still have some pains and they seem to mostly be on the right side but this morning it was overall. I'm just wondering if these are growing pains or a cause for concern??? Any feedback would be good :)


c2beaudoin - February 1

Also, I should note that I have not had any bleeding throughout the course of my pregnancy, I don't know if that matters/helps you answer.


hollyl2313 - February 1

c2beaudoin-Congrats for making it to the second trimester! I am 13 weeks as of last Friday. Thursday night I had the same cramping as you are talking about. I was freaking out, thinking that maybe I was miscarrying. It lasted for a couple of hours and then went away. I have still had a few small cramps since then, no bleeding at all the whole pregnancy. I wish I knew and this is my 4th baby! When do you go back to the dr.? Im pretty sure I felt the baby move last night, so that is some rea__surance til my appt on the 16th. Maybe it's the transition of the placenta taking over???


lynzelou - February 1

And I made it! Officially 13 weeks today! Congrats ladies! I had an ultrasound last week and got some awesome pix of the peanut! It was kind of humorous...the not so pleasant tech was getting annoyed because she was trying to measure the baby's neck and he would NOT stay still. He kept bouncing around and being uncooperative (heart rate was 141 bpm)! I keep referring to the baby as a boy but I'll find out for sure on Feb 15th. I had some cramping this morning and a little bit after work. It didn't feel anything like period cramps - it was kind of a stabbing pain but I had these in the beginning and I haven't had any bleeding so I'm not concerned. Is anyone else finding out what they're having? This is our first and we're SO impatient. Keep me posted on your appointments! I love reading about all of your experiences!


lynzelou - February 1

C2Beaudoin: I just read this on "What to expect" in regards to those pains: Your uterus is expanding and you may even start showing! One side effect of your uterine expansion could be achy or sharp pregnancy cramps on one or both sides of your abdomen — known as "round ligament pain" in the obstetrical business.


c2beaudoin - February 1

Thanks Lynze! I try not to worry to much but there's always that what if lol. Freg it's frustrating, I have never been such a worrier as I am now, it's crazy! But the cramps don't last long and they don't stay or have any consistency so I agree that's probably just growing pains. I have started showing alot in the last 2 weeks it's exciting but what I'm looking forward to the most is feeling the baby move :)


tritty - February 1

it's so good to see so many ladies over here! WELCOME ALL! Celine my guess would be that it's just "growing pains" and from what Lindsay found it looks like that's probably what it is. And I bet it's a relief to know Holly is having the same thing. It's good to know we're not alone in this crazy journey, isn't it? Lindsay- That's too funny that you call your baby a "he" because I call mine a "she." LOL! Even after taking that intelligender test and it saying that we're having a boy I still feel like it's a girl. That's just my gut instinct. So, in 9 days hopefully I'll find out if I'm right or not! I'm getting sick. Grrrr. Not sick to my stomach but a cough, runny nose and a lot of pressure in my chest. Almost like it's hard to breathe. Not good. I'm gonna call my doc tomorrow if it's not getting any better. Hope everyone has a good night!


c2beaudoin - February 2

I had an altercation with a co-worker like 15 min. ago, a full on yelling match! Now I feel like I'm having brain anurism, I have sharp pains in my head and I feel really nauseous. Clearly the baby doesn't like it. My heart was going so fast I had to walk away or I was going to freak. Now almost 20 min. later my heart is still racing and I can't seem to let go of the argument, I'm still fuming about it. I keep trying to forget about it, just breathe and focus on my tasks to do. This sort of thing really isn't good for my well being or the baby's. I don't know how I'm going to make it to August without having a heart attack by then. My job environment is becoming toxic and I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Everything in me just wants to leave but I have to put in the hours to get my mat leave. Well it felt good writing to you guys, I don't really have anyone else to vent with :)


lynzelou - February 4

I have a doctor said I should register now for labor cla__ses because they fill up pretty quickly - but how far along should I be so I know which cla__s to choose? I looked online at my hospital's cla__s schedule and the latest one they have on there is for 5/1 and I'd be around 25 weeks. Is this too early?


c2beaudoin - February 4

Second Trimester tomorrow, I'll be officially in :) So I had my second appointment with my midwife yesterday, we heard the heartbeat and it was amazing. She found it right away, 154bpm. My husband recorded the sound on his cellphone so we can share it with our parents. My next appointment is March 3rd and then I get to schedule my ultrasound!!! After our appointment my husband said that it feels so much more real now that we've heard our baby's heart beating. I'm so relieved that all is good :) A huge weight lifted off my shoulders, I can rest easy for a little while anyway. I was telling my midwife about how on a good day I have a short fuse but now with the hormones I can barely control it, like the littlest things make me angry and annoyed. She said she would bet anything that I was having a girl because almost everytime she's had women with those emotions it's been a girl lol. She said normally with boys the women are more amorous and for lack of a better word "h__y" lol.


c2beaudoin - February 4

They say you should register for prenatal cla__ses before 20 weeks. I just signed up for mine and they start March 23rd which will be week I turn 20 weeks. So sign up as soon as you can!


tritty - February 4

I agree. I'd say the sooner you do the cla__s the better. It give you plenty of time to digest the info and practice what you learn. I waited to long with my first and the cla__ses booked up so I couldn't take one. Instead i bought this AMAZING DVD called "Laugh and Learn about Childbirth." I highly recommend it! I've let 2 other friends borrow it during their pregnancies and they used it instead of a cla__s too! I especially love it because I can watch and re-watch it as much as I want. Even if you really want to take a cla__s I still would look into getting the video just to keep at home. It's full of great info! congrats on making it to the 2nd trimester Celine! I'm sure it was such a relief to finally hear your little one's heartbeat. I know you've been waiting for that for a long time. It's a beautiful sound, isn't it? I'm been deathly ill the past few days. well, not really that bad but i've been in bed for 3 days straight. had a fever, really bad cough (deep in my lungs), tons of nasal congestion. just not fun. i'm trying to recover from that so i can get back to normal again. 6 more days until my ultrasound. i can't wait! i'm REALLY hoping to find out the gender at this one even though i'll only be 16 weeks. i've got my fingers crossed.


c2beaudoin - February 4

Kristen- When I heard the heartbeat it felt so unreal, it's feels so weird to be pregnant. It's kinda like how I felt on my wedding day, you dream about it forever and when it finally happens to you it feels so out of this world. You see other people go through but then when it's your own turn it's so exciting. Now my next excitement will be the ultrasound :) I can't wait to find out with you what you're having, since we're waiting it out I have to live through the rest of you who are finding out :)



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