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hollyl2313 - February 19

Tritty- Congrats on your baby girl!!! I know thats what you were really hoping for. Did you do the chinese gender calendar??? Lily-I hope I didn't give you doubts about your baby boy. I'm pretty sure that my Dr. at the time was a quack and thats why I did not use him again! Did you do the gender calendar too? My sister had an ultrasound not related to pregnancy and I tried to see if they'd sneek a peek for me but they weren't going for it, lol! No headaches for me, but I have been having stomach and bowel issues sorry if TMI. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


c2beaudoin - February 20

Tritty- Love the ultrasound pics on facebook :) That's probably the best way to share pics of our pregnancies, if anyone wants to add me to facebook just search for Celine Selleck.


Manchuda - February 22

Tritty - I am happy for u. U got what u were hoping for. I am hoping for a boy but I wouldn't mind a girl too since its our 1st. Am 21w1d today & I cant wait for my next appointment on Thursday. Am hoping on finding the baby's gender since i've been dragging it for some time now. The baby is kicking already especially when I eat something he likes. Good Day Ladies...


c2beaudoin - February 23

I can't wait to feel the baby move. But to be honest I wouldn't know if it was since i've never felt it before I'm a little clueless lol. People keep telling me it's like a rumbling or something like that, but they said I'll just know because it will feel different so we'll see how perceptive I am. My migraine came and went and I hope it's staying away for my baby's sake. Everytime I took a tylenol I felt so guilty thinking of this tiny little thing inside me all drugged up. I took 4 total and I hope that's all I have to take from now until the end. I tried to go as long as I could without taking anything but the pain got so bad I was feeling sick and seeing spots which probably isn't good for the baby either. On a better note, the baby has been growing like crazy these last few days! It feels like I'm bigger everyday lol which I know isn't the case but it sure feels like that. I love it though, my bump is definitely a baby bump now, I'm past that weird stage where it is and it's not. Well I hope all is well with you ladies. I have my next midwife appointment on wednesday march 3rd and we'll get to schedule our 20 week ultrasound appointment for the end of the month, I will finally get to see my baby :)


Manchuda - February 24

I feel something like fingers, feet & knee pressing on my stomach. We're never sure which 1 it is. I like it when he's pressing & doesn't move when I touch. At 1st he used to run but now I think he's used to being touched by mommy & daddy. Saturday I woke up at 1am & rushed to the doctor. I had pains & was very scared. But all is well, it was just some Braxton Contractions. I can't wait for 2morow's 21w4d appointment. I'll know for real if its a boy or girl. For now am just enjoying every sec of my baby grow inside me but am realy looking forward holding him in my hands & kissing him for the very 1st time.


Manchuda - February 25

Well 2day is the big day ladies. I will fill u up 2morow how the appointment went. keeping my fingers crossed...


tritty - February 25

Manchuda - HORRAY FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT! I'm very excited for you! please make sure you fill us in on what happens!


hoping4bpf - February 25

Manchuda: cannot wait to hear the news!!!! wanted to ask you all a question.... Have you heard about the books BABYWISE and THE VACCINE BOOK? have you ladies thought about vaccination or scheduling your baby? Any thoughts? I have read Babywise and am reading the vaccine book now


dreamy2433 - February 25

I loved the babywise book. Nevwr heard of the others. Wanted to invite all of you girls to chatterscene dot com. they have pregnancy and due date boards over there and all the ladies are wonderful


Manchuda - February 26

Morning ladies. I went to the doc yesterday & everything went well. The baby is fine & she's so active. Yes, its a GIRL. I cant wait to dress her all in pink & do her hair. I know I wanted a boy who looks exactly like his my hubby but a girl also something else.


c2beaudoin - March 4

Our midwife appointment went well yesterday, we've decided to have a home water birth so it's pretty exciting. When my midwife was checking the placement of my uterus she said it was ridiculous how normal I am haha. Everything is where it should be. The baby's heartbeat was 134bpm and mine was 74bpm lol way slower. The ultrasound office was closed so she's calling today to book my appointment, so it'll be in the next few weeks. The only thing is that I've gained a little too much weight in the last month so I have to follow a diabetic diet. I don't have Gestational Diabetes but she said the diet is rich in fruits and veggies and whole grains and is a good way to eat anyway, so we'll see how that goes. I was a little upset to see how much I had gained, embarra__sed too. I've struggled with my weight in the past and it's hard to let go of that poor body image. But I'm sure everything will be fine :)


shivani.god - March 5

Congratulations!! to all of you for knowing the gender of your baby and Best Of Luck to them who are still waiting to know like me. I am 14W4D today and doing well My due date is on Aug30 I hope I am eligible to join this group Am I?? I love this group and I read each and everyone's comments on it. I am familiar with all of you and hope I will be familiar to you in other couple of days. I have my U/S date on April 16 when I will be knowing my Baby Gender.I have one 20Months old sweet daughter and waiting for her sister or brother..:)


naisey - March 7

Hi everyone, I haven't been on for a while as I have been so busy. I'm glad everyone is going well. Seems like little girls are popping up everywhere! I have my 20 week scan today. I'm a little nervous but hope all will be fine. My hubby and I have agreed not to find out the s_x but it's so tempting to find out and just keep it to myself. Will have to control myself. I have not put on 1 pound in this pregnancy. I'm wondering if this is normal? I'm pretty sure it's not but my doctor says everything is fine because I was a little overweight to begin with. I guess everyone is different. Keep well everyone...we're halfway there! Rene:)


Manchuda - March 9

Eish the doc was right, this baby is more than active. She only take breaks at night when am sleeping for sure. She kicks & turns all day long. Lol my hubby say she took after him, he's all active too. Never seem to get tired... Hope all is going well with you ladies. Have a blessed day!


c2beaudoin - March 13

Hi Ladies, We've all been pretty quiet lately. How has everyone been? I've been pretty good, getting my energy back, I still fall asleep at like 8:30pm but during the day I don't feel tired which makes it easier to get through work. It was decided last week that I won't be teaching my fitness cla__s until the fall at least. Not that I can't keep going but my backup quit and noone would be able to take over for me so we just took it off our upcoming spring schedule. I was pretty bummed but I was starting to get pretty bad lower back pain from teaching so it's for the best. So my ultrasound is booked for the 29th of March at 3:00pm, I'll be 20 weeks by then. We're pretty excited to finally see our little bundle, so far we've only heard it and i've felt the bubbles inside too lol, but seeing will be unbelieveable. Can't wait!!! As you all know I'm having a home water birth and well we've also decided to do cloth diapers, we have a great diaper service in my area that picks up and drops off. We've done the math and this will save us so much money. We're lucky because both our parents are very supportive of our choices and my mom has always been kinda hippy haha so she's my number one supporter, besides my husband of course ;) Well that's the scoop with me. The weather is getting warmer and I can't wait for summer, I need to find some cute dresses :) Take care ladies, hope all is well with you :)


c2beaudoin - March 15

Hi Ladies, I'm just wondering if anyone else has been having round ligament pains? I have been having them daily for the last few days and the pain isn't quick it's a more dull ache that hangs around for quite a while, always on my right side, sometimes on the left but most always on the right. I get it during the night too and it keeps me up. There doesn't seem to be any relief from it lol. It feels like I have a charliehorse in my stomach but I can't do anything to make it go away lol.



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