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c2beaudoin - March 15

Hi Ladies, I'm just wondering if anyone else has been having round ligament pains? I have been having them daily for the last few days and the pain isn't quick it's a more dull ache that hangs around for quite a while, always on my right side, sometimes on the left but most always on the right. I get it during the night too and it keeps me up. There doesn't seem to be any relief from it lol. It feels like I have a charliehorse in my stomach but I can't do anything to make it go away lol.


lynzelou - March 15

Yes! I've been getting them as well. It's weird I had them a few weeks ago and they were on both sides then I stopped getting them or not getting them as frequently. However - in the past couple of days I've had them more regularly and they seem to last longer - and they are now right smack in the middle of my tummy. They are such a pain!! But it's all for a good cause and it means our little ones are growing! I've been meaning to come on here for a while! So last week I had my 18 week ultrasound and everything went well except they couldn't get a good picture of all four chambers of her heart and her face so the doctor wants me to come back this week so they can do another ultrasound. He said everything looked normal so that's a relief. I feel movement every now and then - it's a flippity floppity feeling! I can't believe some of you are already at the halfway point! Only one more week for me till then! Doesn't it seem like time just flew right on by? They will all be here before we know it! Hope all is well girls!


hollyl2313 - March 15

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I'm pretty good about reading the posts, just not posting myself! Oh, I have been having the round ligament pains too, especially if I forget to sleep with a pillow by my side. Ouch..they definetly hurt and it takes a few minutes for them to go away. Has anyone been having issues with your uterus tightening up, I guess like braxton hicks?? It doesn't really hurt, it's just uncomfortable. Nothing really new here. I have my big ultrasound this Friday, which I'm super excited about. It felt like forever for it to get here. We are hoping for a girl, but I'm feeling like it's a boy. I'm worried about being disappointed if it is a boy : ( This will be my third week getting my progesterone injections, only 16 more weeks to go. I hate them!!! It's done in the upper b___t muscle so it hurts like a son of a gun and the after effects are non stop itching and a huge welt which lasts about 5 days! but it's worth it if it helps carry my babies to term. I hope everyone is enjoying their second trimester. I'll check back on Friday and let you know how it went. Take care!!!! Oh off topic, I'm new to facebook so if you want to look me up my full name is Holly Waters.


angelmarkie - March 15

Hi Holly, Okay, so I am a lurker around here. I belong to the May board; I'm currently 33 weeks. However, I had a question about the progesterone shots. I started taking them at 20 weeks and will be taking them until 36 weeks. It is just a precautionary measure as I delivered my last child at 34 weeks. I am concerned, however, that the shots will actually prolong the pregnancy, and if I'm overdue, I will go crazy! I was under tremendous stress with my last child, being separated from my husband and eventually divorcing, so I am pretty sure that is why she came early. I am now remarried and happy with life, so I'm not sure if preterm delivery was ever an issue. It sounds like you've done the shots before. How soon after you stopped taking them did the baby come? Thanks!


hollyl2313 - March 16

HI Angel, You must be thrilled that you only have three weeks of injections left. I'm jealous! This is my third pregnancy using the shots. My oldest boy was born at 31 weeks (which I beleive was also due to stress). My second baby was born at 37 weeks and my third was born 10 days early, but I did have an induction with him, since I was already 5cm dialated at the time. So with my history each pregnancy I carried closer to term. I don't know for sure if the shots increase your chances of going overdue. Congrats on your pregnancy. You don't have very much longer to go : ) I'd love to hear when you deliver. Take care.


Manchuda - March 16

HI ladies c2beaudoin: I've been having them too & it started on my 21week. The 1st time it was on my right & I had to wake up in the middle of the night & go see a doc. But now it comes once in days especially if am tired or I over worked. Ladies how is your bowel movement daily? I seem to have it 3 times a day (minimum) or more. Maybe its from all the water I drink throughout the whole day...


c2beaudoin - March 18

Kristen- I'm feeling pretty good, I'm suffering from some hormone induced acne which isn't too fun but as far as health goes all is good :) Can't wait to hear if you are having a girl for sure :) My ultrasound is on the 29th, we'll finally get to see our little one! You should post some pics on facebook of your bump :)


c2beaudoin - March 18

Holly- add me to facebook it's CĂ©line Selleck (you don't need the accent, it will still find me lol)


tritty - March 19

celine- horray for you FINALLY getting to see your baby. just wait. no words can describe how amazing it is to get a glimpse at the little life inside of you! BOO for acne though :( I broke out SO BAD when I was newly prego. I looked like a 13 year old boy. lol! but it has gotten better. is there anything you can do for it or you just have to wait it out? The reason I haven't posted belly pics is because i'm a big girl to begin with and i'm really tall so I don't show as soon. I feel prego and I know my belly has grown but I just look more fat than prego at this point. I'm hoping over the next few weeks i'll be noticeably prego and then i'll start posting pics :) WELL, I had the ultrasound today. The most important part is that the baby is perfect and healthy! HORRAY! everything looked wonderful. she weighed 15oz and was in the 85th percentile. Looks like I may have a big baby on my hands. And, she is still a "she". haha! i worried for nothing. Now i can really start dreaming and falling in love with her! hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! didn't someone else have an ultrasound scheduled for today? i'm curious how it went :)


hollyl2313 - March 19

Well, I had my ultrasound today. It's a boy, which I I hate to admit, but I'm extremley sad about. I really had my heart set on a girl. Even though our last baby was a boy, we have to go buy all new things since we already gave all of our baby stuff away. The ultrasound tech said that I was having a contraction when they were measuring my cervix. I also went to the ER Tuesday night, due to a having braxton hicks contractions every 5 minutes for 2 hours. By the time I got to the hospital they stopped figures. So I don't know whats going to happen. I hope everyone is feeling weel. Take care.


hoping4bpf - March 19

Tritty: I am glad it is still a girl, I know that is what you wanted! Holly: I am sorry that you are dissapointed! I think that is pretty normal when it is baby #2 and you are really hoping for a particular s_x. Why don't you try making a list of all the things you can do with a boy that you cannot with a girl, or go to Babies R Us and buy some cute boy outifts. Or talk to other people with 2 boys and see how they love it. I am sure with time you will realize that it is a blessing :) As for me... I have an ultrasound Wednesday to "confirm" the s_x. I hope it is still a Boy!! We will have a lot of things to return if it turns into a girl! But the picture was pretty clear!


tritty - March 19

Holly- Sorry to hear about our disappointment but I TOTALLY understand! It made me feel better when I googled "gender disappointment" and found that it's very common during pregnancy and it doesn't make you a bad mom. It's just a normal human emotion. I'm sure in no time you'll be thrilled about adding another little boy to your family! I've heard braxton hicks are very normal starting around this time in our pregnancy. But it seems like you're having them a little more than normal. i hope everything settles down for you. make sure you aren't pushing yourself too hard! Lily- it'll be fun to see how your ultrasound goes. If you had a pretty clear picture then more than likely it's still a little man. it's always good to hear it more than once though! Make sure you keep us posted!


angelmarkie - March 20

Holly, I'm back (from May boards). I saw your post come through and thought I'd comment. Are the progesterone shots not being effective for you? I hope the little guy holds out! I know you'll get over the fact that your disappointed about another boy. I purposely didn't find out what this one is because we have two girls at home and I thought that if they would have told me at 18 weeks that I was having another girl, I too, would have been a bit disappointed for the rest of the pregnancy. By not knowing, I know that when the little one is born, we will be elated either way. So, don't feel bad; there are plenty of people that can relate. I'll look you up on facebook and keep in touch with you there so I'm not monopolizing the August Board! :)


c2beaudoin - March 22

Ok I feel kinda silly asking this but is it normal for your b___sts to leak? Recently like maybe in the last 4 weeks I sometimes wake up at night and my nipples are leaking. Has anyone else experienced this?


hoping4bpf - March 22

Celine: not a silly question! My friend started leaking at about 20 weeks as well My other friend did not start leaking until her water broke I think it really depends, but it is totally normal!


c2beaudoin - March 22

Yeah I've been reading up about it and it seems to be pretty normal at this point, some women get it and some don't. I guess I'm just one of those that does lol. So far it's only happened to me at night while I'm sleeping so for now I don't have to worry about embara__s____nt at work!



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