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c2beaudoin - March 22

Yeah I've been reading up about it and it seems to be pretty normal at this point, some women get it and some don't. I guess I'm just one of those that does lol. So far it's only happened to me at night while I'm sleeping so for now I don't have to worry about embara__s____nt at work!


hollyl2313 - March 22

Hey Celine, It's totally normal. I remember it happening to me towards the end of my last pregnancy and my sister had the same thing going on with her. Maybe it means you'll have a great milk supply for your little one if you plan to b___stfeed! Tritty, I wanted to say thanks for the idea on the gender disappointment sites. It really helps to know that there are other people feeling the same way. Although I am getting over the thought of having three boys, it sucks going shopping when there are nothing but super cute girly things everywhere you look. I'm still having quite a few braxton hicks everyday so I'm hoping my OB will have some insight at my appoitment tomorrow. I hope everyone is having really nice spring weather like we are here in the great northwest! Off to take a nap.


c2beaudoin - March 25

I was just looking at a calendar and realized that in about a month or so we will all be entering our third trimester! Time is flying by, do you all remember when we would count every single week in our first trimester just waiting to hit that 12-13 week mark lol. Soon enough we will all be complaining about being overdue and wanting this baby out :)


lynzelou - March 25

Yes, it's definitely flying by! I can't believe it's already the end of March! How has everyone been feeling? I'm doing great - my little gal is very active and I feel her moving a lot - especially in the morning. We just got home from our first water aerobics cla__s and it was SOOO much fun and such a good workout. I had tried prenatal yoga and did not like it one bit. I have a terrible lower back from my job and I had knee surgery a year ago so I needed to find something that was easier on my body. Water aerobics is a perfect fit!


c2beaudoin - March 26

I'm 20 weeks today, only 20 more weeks to go lol. Oddly enough today has been the first day where the baby is super active. I can feel it move around constantly and the movements are stronger than before, not just little flutters. It's having a ball rolling around in there lol.


Manchuda - March 29

Hi guys, when does the 3rd trimester week starts? My lil princess never seem to get tired & she's so active. How is da rest of u ladies doing? ur quite dis days..


Rosiemama - March 29

Hey all, I've been quiet lately 'cause nothing's been wrong or different! My baby's super active - I started feeling movements late in my 17th week, and now it's like you said CĂ©line, like a ball rolling around in there. It's fun. It's a constant reminder. Also, we had our ultrasound last week and discovered that not only is this baby healthy and active, it's super adorable, AND it's a SHE. We didn't care either way but it was nice to find out, because now we (especially my hubby) can really picture it, and what to look forward to in the future. It helps him to refer to it as 'our daughter' instead of just 'baby'. Anyway I am allergic to pink but it's started creeping in... I think it's unavoidable. Other than this I feel fine, though tired in the afternoons because sleep is my big issue. My new body pillow helps, but I am still a flip-flopper. I was also pleased to learn that in the past four weeks I've gained only one pound, so I'm not too worried about eating too much anymore. Anyhoodle that's it for me for now...all is well in my world.


c2beaudoin - March 30

So ladies, my ultrasound was yesterday and everything is fantastic. The technician said we had a mover on our hands, the baby was constanstly moving it took awhile for her to take all the measurements. But everything is where it should be and my due date has actually been pushed up a week so it's August 7th instead of the 13th. All my measurements were at 21 weeks. We have some pictures which I will try to scan and post on facebook for those of you on there. My husband and I had a permanent smile on our faces and everytime we look at the pictures we are reminded of what love creates :)


c2beaudoin - April 7

Hi ladies, Hope you all had a good Easter, the food was delicious lol. My husband and I are at the point where we need to get a Baby Registry together, we have been given alot of stuff but there are still some things we need like a crib and what not. But we're not sure what else we need and I was just wondering if anyone has come across a good list online that we could print and go by to make sure we don't forget anything.


lynzelou - April 9

Hi girls! Hope everyone is doing well! I'm doing great minus my recent outbreak of hives!!!! The day after Easter I noticed about four GIGANTIC bug bites on my arm and legs. It was strange because I had been outside all day and I don't recall seeing any bugs - but I know I'm a much tastier target with all that extra blood flowing through me! Nobody else in my family has bug bites! Anywho - they were really itchy and I kept noticing more and more red bumps popping up. Now I am covered head to toe in hives and so so so itchy! It sucks! I decided to make a doctors appointment yesterday with my primary care and she said I was having an allergic reaction to the bites and she put me on antibiotics and a cream to put on my bites and hives. I was also told by my OB I can take benadryl. Ugh. I hate having to take anything, but I am so uncomfortable and it's imposing on what little sleep I already get. I had a friend tell me that she developed a rash on her hands and feet when she was around 7/8 months pregnant. It turned out her baby was allergic to cats! I hope that none of you develop any weird allergies! On a good note - Monday I had an appointment with my OB doc and she said she was happy with my measurements - not too big, not too small! Baby's heartbeat was in the 150's and at one point we heard a big THUMP! She was kicking! She's always kicking and moving around and I absolutely love it! I actually have felt her from the outside and my husband has too! Every time I feel her I fall even more in love with her! Well, that's all for now! c2beaudoin, I know Baby's R Us has a list, not sure if it's that great, but I've been asking everyone I know that has had kids what are the must haves and I've gotten some great feedback. Take care! Lyndsay


lynzelou - April 10

Okay, I need to vent - I hope you don't mind! I woke up today to even MORE hives! Nothing has helped. I've tried benadryl - both cream and pill, hydrocortisone cream, witch hazel, cold packs, calamine lotion, the cream the dr prescribed - no relief and it's not getting any better. It took me a while to fall asleep last night since I was so itchy. I am so frustrated!!! I called my baby doc today and spoke with the on-call doc and he has now prescribed prednisone (steroids). I seriously hope this does the trick because I don't think I'll be able to stand this anymore! Ladies, I am going bonkers!!!!!! Thanks for listening!


tritty - May 6

Hey strangers. It's only been FOREVER since I've posted anything on here. I think once I said that the second trimester is pretty uneventful and it makes it so easy not to post. I'm sure we're all feeling our little ones move around a lot which eases all of the worries. My little girl is very active (much more than Kate ever was) and she cracks me up how she's moving around all the time. well, it's official. this week i started my 3rd trimester! i think the 3rd trimester is going to be much like the first. we're all gonna start having concerns about delivery, wondering if this ache or pain is the start of labor, etc. i think it would be great if we started talking a bit more and i'm sure it'll just happen naturally anyhow. since i'm due august 1st I know i'm a few weeks ahead of some of you but pretty soon we'll all be in our 3rd trimester. so i'm going to go start a thread on the 3rd trimester board. can't wait to see some of you guys over there! hope everyone is feeling well!


c2beaudoin - May 12

Ladies move on over to the third tri board... I think we're all there by now and even if you're close jump on over anyway, it's the home stretch!!!



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