August Mommies Part 8

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boodahbaby - March 31

Ok! Here we go again! I was just looking online at somebody's registry (don't remember who), and wanted to give you all a little piece of advice from my friends who have had babies. Get the DIAPER CHAMP, not the DIAPER GENIE! The Diaper champ you can use regular garbage bags and not the refills that a specifically for the diapers! That may not mean much to all of you, but you can get any trash bag and not have to buy the expensive ones! Just thought I would help you out... Anyways, my baby is moving like crazy! Last night I was pretty sure that my husband was finally going to be able to feel it, but once he got his hands on my belly... the kicking ceased! Oh well, soon enough it will be happening so much! I went camping this weekend with some friends (on an air mattress of course) and they all had their kids with them... WOW! these are my best girlfriends, but I was praying all weekend that I have a girl bc those boys are CRAZY! Boys seems to have sooo much more energy than girls! As my friends husband says, "boys are physical and girls are mental" We all laughed after that comment because he was not trying to be funny, but it came across like woman are all headcases! I just couldn't believe the difference between the boys and girls behavior (same parents, but totally different)! Anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend! Sorry to all whose husbands are driving them crazy... I'm very fortunate(not meaning to rub it in) to have a very thoughtful husband! With it being the first for both of us and taking 4 years to get here, he is so understanding and appreciative! My famous statement to him is: "I may not look like I am doing anything, but on a cellular level I am very busy!" He always says to me: "do you get to take a break soon?" I love him! Feel free to use my line on your men who think you aren't doing anything!



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