Awful Skin Just Keeps Breaking Out

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Neve - May 12

I am 15 weeks and for the past month my skin looks like that of a teenager. I never had bad skin and now I've never wanted to use so much cover up! Has this happened to anyone else? When does it stop! Some say it's signs of having a girl-anyone input from anyone! This is my first and I am so excited! Congratulations to everyone!


Tracey - May 12

my skin has been breaking out ever since I found out I was pregnant. I have had no morning sickness-I was just tired and my face looks awful! i am 14 weeks


kelena - May 13

my skin was fine until the last trimester with my first. it broke out big time no matter what i did to it. it eventually went away after giving birth (when my hormones got back to normal), but i can't stand to look at myself in all those pictures with my newborn unfortunately. i did have a boy though. try proactive. just make sure when you do use it to use lots of moisturizer, it dries your skin. a clear face will really show of your "glow". i'm pregnant with my second one and hopefully it's a girl. congrats to you too.


Wanda - May 13

My skin was breaking out pretty badly at first. Of course, I only had occa__sional breakouts before, and so I kept up with my bad habits of falling asleep with my makeup on. It finally has cleared up some, after I had to make an effort every night to remove the makeup and apply a clearing lotion each night. I use the Clean and Clear brand, but I am sure anything that you have to put on each night will work. I haven't heard that breaking out may be a sign of a girl, and hope that is true, but I am not sure. I have a boy and girl, and don't remember my skin being so bad in either pregnancy.


Belle - May 13

I feel for you all. I am going thru the same thing and it is driving me crazy! I mean before I would always get them before my period, but not bad or anything. Now they won't go away! It is getting me down!


Desiree - May 13

Ladies there is a new face cream made by Clearsil I believe.. But anyways it says on the cover that it is guarenteed to clear up your skin in 3 days.. and it really helped me... maybe you could try it..


TX Girrrl - May 13

I've never had bad skin, but this pregnancy has me looking like one big zit. The only thing helping stave off pimples is washing my face twice daily, using astringent/toner, drinking water, and getting plenty of sleep.


Melissa - May 13

My skin broke out as soon as I stopped using my birth control pills. I never had acne before ( a few pimples here and there ) My skin is horrible now, especially along my jawline and at my temples. I am 19 weeks and it has gotten a touch better, but still really bad. I have been lucky and not had other symtoms, so if this is my only complaint, i am counting myself lucky. My doctor said the best thing I can do for my skin is to drink lots of water, and get some sun.


citrouille - May 13

My skin was really bad during the first trimester and is getting better now.. I'm 20 weeks. At 15 weeks it was still pretty aweful. I normally have very dry skin so it was weird to have zits on my chest and back! Use surgras soap (soap which isn't soap) that helps..


Kelly - May 13

It does get annoying after awhile-i mean I wash my face constantly and it just doesn't help. I guess its that I never broke out like this before so it seems odd to me. Anyway like Melissa I haven't really had many other symptoms but this and being tired so I guess I shouldn't complain. A few friends like Neve have said having a girl makes your skin break out but who knows. Its my first so it's fun to guess. Best wishes to you all


Trish - May 14

I thought my skin was getting a little better.I am 14 weeks but today I woke up and it's like connect the dots. Not pimples but red blotches that look like pimples-I guess I have to break out the cover up again today!


m - May 14

I've been washing my face with Baby Magic baby bath (not shampoo) for years. It's the only thing that keeps away the zits.


Lily - May 14

Neve, I'm 15 weeks too. But I haven't noticed any skin problems. My doctor advised me to wash my face with warm water and a face cloth (for exfoliation). Although, I took it one step further and have been using Olay Daily Facial cloths. I don't use them "daily", however, just every three days or so and the rest of the time I just wash my face with warm water. And so far it's helped. However, there is a natural facial cleanser somewhere on the forum pages...I believe it's under First Trimester. Good Luck!


Mari - May 14

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and for the past 2 months my skin has looked HORRIBLE and its been hard for me to accept (because I never had skin problems or acne as a teenager or ever in my life before now). II'm pregnant with my first and the only thing I've learned is to drink lots of water and wash my face alot as well- as far as the myth whether bad skin=baby girl I've been hearing the same thing and since day one I thought I was having a girl.


Sierra - June 1

Hi, i am 15 weeks pregnant and my skin also looks horrible. When i was pregnant with my first girl, i had the same awful skin. And yes, so many people have told me that when a pregnant woman's skin breaks out, she is supposed to have a girl.



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