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SuzieQ - May 21

Ok, why would someone make you listen to their one year old babble on the phone for more than 10 seconds??? I mean, kids that age can't even talk or understand the concept of a phone!!! 20 minutes is just stupid! My sil is driving me crazy with all the c__p she does with her baby. I know babies are precious, but she won't even let relatives hold "her son" for more than two minutes at a time (at our wedding, no less, when everyone wants to pass the baby!!!) Ok, I'm just ranting now. But I feel better! Thanks :)


Jamie - May 22

1 year olds can say some words...and if you know the baby well enough, you might even be able to understand the babble. And, just because other people want to pa__s the baby does not mean the mother has to allow it. She doesn't even need a reason to say 'no' - that's her perogative as a mom. So maybe just take a deep breath, smile, rub your belly, and know that you will understand your SIL bettter in just a few months. When it's your baby, the smallest smile, coo, giggle, or fart is precious, and you want to share them with everyone you encounter - at the same time, you don't want anyone to touch your little angel because who knows where So and So's hands were last or the last time he/she washed them, etc. Also, you'll know your baby's temperament, and maybe your baby will be one of those 'touchy' babies who gets upset or anxious by a lot of strangers, etc. I rarely let my baby girl be pa__sed around even though she's a huge people person and loves to be the center of attention...and if you try to touch her without my permission, be prepared for total b*tch mode from me. I cursed out a lady in a restroom for touching my daughter's left hand...of course, the lady had just come from a stall and hadn't washed her hands before touching my daughter...but even still - I shouldn't have cursed at her....but it was an instinctive overreaction, y'know? Besides the fact that she hadn't washed her hands, what gives her the right to invade my daughter's personal space like that? Sorry, kinda went off on my own tangent. I think you should just take a deep breath, try to be a little more patient, and come vent here whenever you need to. :-)


Hana - May 22

Lol 20 mins is just plain silly. I mean yah im sure the baby is precious and all, but making another person sit on the other line for that long is a bit too long. I get annoyed when people do that. But who knows, maybe like Jamie says we'll end up the same in a few months time :)


Mandy1984 - May 22

oooops thats exactely what I do lol, my baby loves to babble on the fone, my friends daughter is 4 mths younger than mine and we always put our kids on the phone lol Maybe not for 20 minutes but I think its really cute when a baby talks away and nobody but the baby unterstands what their saying... As for people lifting them I kinda don't mind to much unless she didn't want to be lifted


SuzieQ - May 22

Oh Jamie - you're like my "good side" lol. I know it's silly to get so upset - but some days I just get tired of my sil. There's more to the story, but I will try to keep my head level :) I can understand about the dirty hand thing though - I won't even touch babies while I'm at work because my hands handle money all day (ewww). It just gets so boring sitting on the phone listening to someone chew on the phone - maybe when he's older and can understand the concept of what a phone is I'll find it cuter. Damn - maybe my mama hormones just haven't kicked in yet! At least I'm learning what things I'll try NOT to do when I'm a mother :)


Jamie - May 23

It kinda sounds like maybe your pregnancy hormones are kicking in there. I used to get furious with my DH because he would leave the closet door hanging 1 inch open. LOL Also...don't let anyone tell you you're NOT a mom yet. You might not be able to hold your child in your arms yet, but that doesn't make you any less of a mother, and anyone who says that you're not a mom yet needs to be smacked. You ARE a mother.


lexa - May 24

Well, I agree..."20 minutes is stupid"! I come from a very huge family (where someone is always having babies) and pa__sing around a baby is nothing unordinary for us! Granted the new moms are keeping a watchful eye...but they never say no or take away baby (unless feeding/changing). That's just something we are used to though. I know with my son when he was a baby, I wanted to hold him myself forever! But I also enjoyed the little break from others. We do have a rule though also...clean hands! Just think when your little one arrives, you can do the same thing to your sil:-) Also, your mama hormones are meant for your child...it doesnt state we need to be maternal to everyone else's children! At least thats my take on it.



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