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Trish - May 5

Can anyone out ther help me......I rented a doppler and The only beat I can find is mine every spot I move it to there is my heart beat...why is mine everywhere?......can anyone help me to find a spot to try .....and also there is this sound like a stormy night like wind blowing in trees or something.....does anyone know what this is??????????any info would be great!!!!


Trish - May 5

I am 17 weels BTW


Jenn - May 5

It is blood being pumped into the placenta (sp)


ekay - May 5

What kind of doppler is it and where did you get it from? Try aiming the doppler downwards when you have it on you stomach too. Also try going low. My baby's heartbeat was always really low, down by my underwear for a while. Good luck.


Madelyn - May 5

I rented one and was able to find the heartbeat each time. Make sure you use the gel and then start right above your pubic bone. I am almost 17 weeks as well. Move up slowly and you should hear the beat. Yours is the steady swish and the baby's will be much faster. The wind like noise is the placenta! It is really neat. Good Luck - I hope you are able to find it!


J - May 5

I rented one from stork radio, and was having a little trouble too. My dr. has been able to find it since 7 weeks, so I thought I would be able to too. I am 16w and I can find mine about an inch below my belly b___ton and a little to the right. Go really slow when moving the probe thing around, and it also helps to aim it downward. If it doesn't tell you the rate, count the beats for 10 seconds and then multiply by 6. Good Luck, I hope it works for you!


Kay - May 6



Kay - May 6

I am having the same prob, All I can hear is the loud b__wing wind sound everywhere and my own heart beat...HOW can my heart beat be everywhere in there???????????????


di - May 7

hi. every beat is not yours, it is the echo from your baby's beat. the heartbeats sound like a horse's gallop or "wha wha wha" kind of sound. point the doppler downwards towards your pubic bone when you scan, that might make it easier. the b__wing or wind sound you hear is the exchange of blood between you and baby through the placenta. good luck


lyn - May 7

I have one and I start at my belly b___ton and go down to my pelvic bone. if you rock it back and forth really slow you should be able to find it. The reason why you can her yours is because there is a huge artery in the same area as the baby. And the tree noise is your placenta. How many weeks are you? That would make it easier to tell you where to look for it at.


Blake - May 10



Emma - May 11




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