Baby Bedding

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Marie - April 8

Is it just me or is baby bedding WAY overpriced. Some of the sets only have one sheet, the comforter, a dust ruffle and a bumper and they are $200!!! I can buy a bed set for my king size cheaper than that.


Jenn - April 9

We actually just went shopping for bedding yesterday and I was amazed at the prices! I know exactly what you mean, there was so much cute stuff but seriously, $200 for a baby bedding set??? Give me a break!


NM - April 9

I haven't even starting looking. Need too!


Jbear - April 10

Lots of baby stuff is seriously overpriced. I think they do it because everyone wants to feel like they're a good parent and to be prepared for the baby, so people are willing to overpay to feel like better parents. Just for the record, you can't use the comforter until the baby's a year old, the dust ruffle gets in the way of the foot lever to lower the side, and I personally never used the bumper because I worried about the baby scooting over and getting her face stuck against it. What you'll really need is about four sheets, six receiving blankets and a couple of other baby blankets. I like crocheted baby blankets because they have all those spaces that a baby could breathe through, but they're still warm.


Lynn - April 10

I can't believe how overpriced some stuff can be! Try looking on E-bay.. We've found the set that we want alomost $100 cheaper there.. plus other coordinating things too MUCH cheaper. But shop before you buy too! I've seen some things that are cheaper in the store than on e-bay.


syn - April 10

try second hand stores for baby stuff. alot of the clothes are never used because they grow so fast and the others r in great shape.. after all whats a baby really going to do to reck anything. I got burping blankets for $0.49 and they looked new.


KellyB - April 11

Marie, I was able to get the bedding pattern set I wanted for half price because it went on clearance. I was able to get the bumper, crib sheet, quilt, window valence, diaper holder and dust ruffle for $70.00. I ended up getting the matching lamp and mobile too because they were so inexpensive. I know the big baby stores change their styles with the seasons, so just watch to see what is closing out.


Maleficent - April 11

i'm with jbear. while baby bedding is cute, it's pretty much useless. comforters are a suffocation hazard, bumpers are a strangulation hazard, and it's expensive to boot. i layered baby's clothes rather than use blankets for bed time.


Leahp - April 12

Hi jbear! Your response was just what I was looking for! I've been looking at baby bedding and would love to have a cute pattern, but I wanted to hear the practical side! So really babies don't need the bumper at all?? Maybe I'll have to think twice about what I buy!


D - April 12

My theory is that we spend an awful lot of money on extras that aren't necessary, and aren't used for very long. I'm all for the useful... I like the crocheted blanket idea... I crochet myself, and I have several my grandma crocheted for me or future great-grandchildren before she died. This seems like a very practical, inexpensive solution to me! I picked up a once used crib (its pretty new, and meets all current safety standards) for $20. So this will bring my bedding expenses down to a mattress and sheets! I have heard mention of babies getting their fingers stuck in crocheted blankets... have you heard of this causing problems? If its not a super tight st_tch, I can't see it being dangerous.


Jbear - April 13

I used crocheted blankets with my daughter and we never got any fingers stuck. I didn't use baby yarn, just caron simply soft, and I used a H or J hook, which make loose loops. My favorite way to crochet a baby blanket is to make a granny square, and then just keep adding rows until it gets to be blanket sized. I'll be crocheting for this baby as soon as I find out what I'm having.


D - April 13

Thanks, Jbear! My instinct says the loops shouldn't be a problem... I'm sort of into ripples myself... I'll have to dig up some of my extra yarn and see what I can put together!


Heidi - April 13

Try rummage sales. We have a huge one in our county every spring and before I was pg, all I ever saw was baby stuff from toys to clothes to crib accessories etc. I plan to hit those up this spring and see if I can't get all this stuff gently used as it does sound like you don't use it very long. I'm also getting a lot of croched blankets given to me as gifts and then my fiance's baby blanket when he was little etc.



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