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mcatherine - June 20

My husband and I have decided to name our son Hudson, but still cannot decide on a middle name for him. Does Hudson Anderson have too many "sons" in it to flow well? Last name is German, only two syllables. Thanks for your honest input, ladies!


mischelly30 - June 20

Hudson Anderson is indeed a lot of "sons." But, if you don't plan on ever using the middle name, it would be fine. Otherwise, why not choose a name that sounds kinda similar to Anderson, such as Andrew, Ander, or Anderick?


mcatherine - June 21

Yea - you're right. It didn't take too many times saying it for me to realize that it sounded ugh together! I like them both seperately, but our hearts are with Hudson for the first name! We'll keep trying Thanks.


HannahBaby - June 21

How about Hudson Thomas, I also like mischelly30s idea of Hudson Andrew


JAI - June 22

Hudson Andrew...Andrew - Andrerson sound a bit simular but without the "son". My sons middle name is Andrew.


Jamie - June 22

If the last name is German, why not go with a traditional German name as the middle name?


mcatherine - June 22

We really don't want a traditional German name for the middle name. My husband is German - I am English and from the south - trying to mold the two together has been hard, so we decided to let the German name be the last name and Hudson is an English name, just leaving the middle name with whatever fit perfectly. I like Andrew - I think it is where my husband derived Anderson from, but we have a nephew and a close family friend's son named Andrew, so we nixed it. I was trying to find a one syllable name, but that's even harder than it sounds. Paul is my FIL's name and although I don't really care for it - we have been considering it lately. We also like Luke.


HannahBaby - June 23

im not a big fan of the one syllabil middle name


frankschick2001 - June 23

I think it is fine if you don't plan on walking around calling him "Hudson Anderson, Hudson Anderson!" You hardly use the middle name anyway.



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