Baby Boy Nursery Ideas That AREN T Sports

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Krista - March 20

I'm trying to find bedding for my nursery. I'm wondering if anyone has idea's for "themes" in a baby boy's room that isn't just seems that everyone has sports themes now a days...My crib and nursery furniture is black. THANKS!!


Steph - March 20

You could do a jungle or safari theme. Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, or Rugrats...just a thought. Baby animals would work also.


Krista - March 20

Thanks Steph...the problem is that I'm SO whole house is REALLY modern so it's hard to find something that I like. One of my friends did a jungle/safari/animal theme and it looked so horrible it turned me against it...I hate winnie the pooh and Sesame street stuff...I dont really want to do a tv character or tv/movie theme...I think because the ones I've seen in the past were really cheesy looking...? Maybe I just haven't seen one I like yet... Does anyone know of something that is patchwork or nautical that would look good with black furniture?? or a website I could look at?? Thanks!!!


Steph - March 20

I think that a blue/white gingham room would be cute especially if you have a very modern house. You could look on Pottery Barn's website and see what they have....Costco also has some cute things for boys as well that would work well (patchwork/quilt type things). Good luck to you! :o)


Krista - March 20

THANKS!! Now there's something I haven't ever heard of...Gingham....I will look at Pottery Barn too (I didn't know they sold baby bedding)...=) Thanks bunches!!


me - March 20

This may sound weird, but what about doing a different shades of blue and black camouflage on the walls or drapes?


JenniferB - March 20 This is modern looking. They have it in a black crib.


JenniferB - March 20

Okay that didn't work. Let me find it again


JenniferB - March 20

Flashback Baby Crib Bedding by Glenna Jean , do a google search and it should come up. :0) I can never get links to work on here.


Krista - March 20

OMG! Thanks guys! Me- the only problem I'd have with that is finding stuff to go with it....nobody makes bedding like that. =( JenniferB!!!!! me and my hubbie LOVE that flashback crib bedding!! and it looks awesome in a black crib!! I think it's the one!! thanks bunches!!


Angelaw. - March 20

Target has a couple of really modern (too modern for my DH, but I really liked them) boys's sets. Nautica also has a modern navy and white sailboat theme out at Babies R Us. Banana Fish is another maker that does alot of modern stuff good luck although it seems like you may have found the one! The stuff at Target is really geometric and is done in blues and greens mostly, so it would be easy to find stuff to go with it. Click on the Modern tab and it will bring them up.


JenniferB - March 20

Glad to help. :0)


megzi_03 - March 20

Krista... I was just at Pottery Barn Kids today and they have the cutest bedding for boys. Good Luck!


Tillie - March 21

Nautica makes great boy bedding in blues and reds with sailboats and whales, etc:


kcraig - March 21

Check out the Banana Fish as mentioned by Angela. Cute, cute stuff!!


Krista - March 21

Thanks so much guys!! I'm really happy I posted this question! I found SO many cute baby girl but didn't find really anything I liked for a boy. I just looked at,.Pottery barn kids, and and they do have some really cute ones!! I think we're set on the flashback baby bedding JenniferB suggested. If you go to that site and click on the pic for a larger image...I like the curtains, wall hangings...the hanging lights and even the paint on the walls...I'm going to do my nursery exactly like it! it's so darling! =)


august baby #3 - March 29

For my son, i did a space theme. the nursery bedding was blue with stars and it had bears dressed like astronauts. It is great as he is 5 and i didn't have to change his room. it is now star wars.



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