Baby Boy Ultrasound Question

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HannahBaby - June 3

At my ultrasound my baby was not very cooperative. At first they said it was a boy, then they said girl, then they said boy again. The didnt see a p__s but what "could be" testicles. Has this happened to anyone else and it was a girl?


sophandbob - June 3

nately I cannot compare it to my ultrasound as my boy was not shy and, quite fankly, if he comes out a girl I will worry at what the hell that was we saw (it wasn't the cord as that was feintly seen too in the same shot). However, I do know that abaies gentials and b___st become encourgaged with hormones from our own bodies, which might explain the 'could be' t______es, although I don't think that happens til a lot later on. Are you due another u/s?


annishel - June 3

i wrote this long reply to some other post a coupld of days ago, so too tired to give full response, but with my son they said girl in 5th month u/s and changed it to boy in 7th month, so yes it is VERY possible. Hope you get what you want :)


HannahBaby - June 3

Its not that i dont want a boy, i just wanted to know for sure what it is, and i didnt get that from the ultrasound. She could only see from the back so it could have been cord, im just scared because my husband is so happy that it is a boy (even though the us tech made it VERY clear that she wasnt sure, and that it was still early to tell) i know that he would be happy with another girl, i just think he would be heartbroken thinking that its a boy for so long. We dont have another us with the doctors so we are traveling 4 hours to a 4d ultrasound clinic ( and having a 4d ultrasound done to have a beautiful keepsake and to find out what it is. I was just looking for someone who was told boy just by seeing t______es and then have it turn out to be a girl


annishel - June 3

btw - I had the same concern - this was with my first child. I didnt want to know what it was but my husband did, so he went in the u/s in the 5th month and came out beaming. Then when he went in the 7th month - he came out all weirded out saying that they said something different. I was thinking - they just took his first born son away from him! Not to mention statistically when this happens they mistake something in the 5th month for a boy and then it turns out to be a girl. I was certain it was a girl and shocked when a boy, and from then on I was 100% convinced that he really was fine either way (as he should be!! - it's his chromosome!). Good luck! What week are you in that you are doing the 4 d thing? I got a 3d here at 12 weeks and I could hardly look at it - sooo alien looking.


HannahBaby - June 3

Hey Annishel. Im going to be 28 weeks when i go for my 3d. So you were told that you were having a boy and then had a girl....Im glad that he took it well. I know that my husband would be fine with it as well, but i know that no matter what he says deep down hes really happy this one is a *boy*.


Mandy1984 - June 4

Hi Hannah, my eldest daughter had a scan of her kidneys on Friday and the u/s tech is the same girl that does the '20 week or big scans' Anyways its against my hospitals policy to tell the s_x but I have my scan on Wed. and she said if she could see she would tell me what baby is :) We got talking about the scans and she said it is harder to see a boy! Sometimes the cord can be between the legs causing some confusion as to if its a boy or just the cord, She said that usually the testes are not always desended so she would only tell me if she was 100% sure of the s_x. Also, its the labia they will look for in the scan to see if its a girl, usually on the scan it looks like 3 very distinct white lines....Maybe your baby is camera shy lol I bet mine will be too! I'm kinda secretly hoping for a boy but I think its a girl


soontobe6 - June 4

the umbilical cord could have been what u saw


Kara H. - June 4

We saw the cla__sic "turtle shape". The s____m make up the "body" of the turtle and the p___s is the "head" of the turtle. But I should also add that our doctor office uses a high-definition u/s machine. It is so clear that we could even see the wrinkly texture of the s____m.


Perl - June 4

My friend was told TWICE based on ultrasounds that she was having a girl and planned for a girl. She was surprised when she had a boy. Luckily she had a nearly 2 year old boy at the time so could recycle a lot of his clothes for her new baby boy so she would be dressing her little boy in pink. .



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