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Lauren - June 8

Hello-I am 18 weeks and wondering when I should start ordering or looking at baby furniture. I have heard that it could take a while to come in also. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks


leslie - June 8

hello lauren, I am going to be 6 months in a weeks so I ordered my baby's furniture yesterday..It will take about 2 months to get I think it was time..after the furniture gets here, then i am going to buy the rest like crib sheets(extra) frames, play pen, little blankets, etc. I need to see the furniture first to see how I want everything else..


Lauren - June 8

Thanks so much Leslie. Is this your first? This is mine and I am SO excited. How are you feeling? Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? Congratulations and thanks for answering!


>>>>> - June 8

Ok maybe I am just different but I went to wal-mart got a 3 piece set- crib, changing table, dresser for 199.99 and put it together and then gave it a snazzy faux finish. Why would it take months for baby furniture to come in? And my goodness its not like the baby cares what kind of wood they chew on?


Surprised - June 8

Wow >>>>> could you be any more sarcastic or rude, to these very excited mommies to be. Just because you chose to go to Wal-mart and they are buying from some where else, why do you question them and put their choices down? Girls good luck, I hope you bought beautiful furniture for your babies. I am actually 18 weeks, and I am going to start looking around, although I think I may have mine made, so I too will need to order sooner than later.


Lynn - June 8

My husband & I actually bought our furniture while we were ttc. We founf a really good deal on a convertible crib and dresser/changing table deal.. it was more than 1/2 off the regular price. So we bought it & I am going on 4 months my husband just painted the room & set up all of the furniture. I would satrt early. You never know what is going to happen. I have high blood pressure so I am fearing that I will spend a good amount of time on bedrest and I want everything to be ready before that happens so that if it happens I will be able to actually rest and not worry about everything that still needs to be done to get ready for the baby.


leslie - June 8

hi lauren, yes this is my first! I am very exited..I just hope everything comes out ok..I am feeling good better than the first months were I would throw up everyday..and feel sick all day..I am waiting for my belly to pop so I can wear my maternity shirts! I am having a boy! (still thinking on a name:)


leslie - June 8

>>>> my furniture is going to take 2 months b/c I order it from a website and they don't have a that is how long it takes..I am happy that you found what you wanted and got it right to your comment about the baby not caring what wood he chews on..I know, I agree..they don't even care if they sleep in a laundry basket with long as they are comfy..but I DO CARE! I want something cute for him, I want him to have a little bit more than what I had when I was born..that is all! I want it b/c it makes me happy!


SRG - June 8

I am 18 weeks and soon I think I need to start to decide on what I want. I do not have a large home, I live in a condo, so I think I may have the furniture built for me, so that it will fit the room perfect. I am so excited and looking forward to seeing my babies room complete and ready. I will find out if it is a boy or girl on Monday, so then I will also start to think about the theme, or what colours I want the bedding linen to be.


Melissa - June 8

I ordered my crib already and I am glad I did, it will take 10 weeks. I am 24 weeks, so unless I get an early surprise, it should be just in time. I got a crib made by EG. It starts as a crib, then you can turn it into a toddler bed and then it turns into a full size bed and a matching love seat. SO, at the end of it all I have a bed for the kids room and a new love seat. heres the website if anyone is interested...



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