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just wondering - December 1

Hi everyone. I was wondering for all of you who already have a daughter or who are pregnant with a baby girl. How long did you wait to get her ears pierced? I would want to get my babys ears pierced but I dont know how long to wait. Do I do it in the first few weeks of life or months or how long? How long did you guys wait to do it?


Louise - December 1

i personally (and this is no dig at you) dont believe you should get babies ears pierced. aftrall there not your ears, they are hers. she may not want them pierced. im waiting until my daughter is old enough to decide and asks for them done, because i dont feel it necessary to get them done at such a young age when she doesnt NEED it and its really not our descision to make


Chrissy - December 1

I have a daughter who is now 2 years old and my husband took her to get her ears pierced when she was 7 months old. I remember them telling him that we had to bring her shot records with us, because that had to be sure that they had one of them in particular, I think they say they need to be at least 3 months old. I am currently pregnant with my second child, due April 22, we will find out (hopefully) on 12/12 the s_x. And Louise I also respect your beliefs, so to each their own. have a great day ladies! and good luck with your decision.


bean - December 1

I'm expecting a little girl in April, but I sit on Louise's side of the fence. Not so much because of who's choice it is, but because little kids play so rough, and I'm afraid a little one would get an earring ripped out at the playground. I've seen so many little girls with pieces of their ears missing due to mishaps like that. Not to scare you, but personally I would wait until she's 10 years old and a bit calmed down.


to just wondering - December 1

This seems like the circ_mcision question to me in a way. I'm having a boy in April, and I'm leaving it up to my boyfriend whether he should be circ_msized or not. So I guess the answer to the question is... if you can't wait to ask her, at least get her ears pierced at the age when you got yours pierced if you had a fine experience with it.


mama-beans - December 1

A second vote on Louise's side! To each their own, I just don't think it's right for my daughter.. I want it to be her choice, not mine.. plus with a small child why ask for one more thing to care for? And, at first anyway, one more thing to hurt them? That said, my sister had a very LARGE baby, and she just about got her ears pierced at 6 months because she was somewhat masculine in appearance and people kept calling her a "he". In the end she didn't do it though.


Shana - December 1

I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter. At first, I wanted to get her ears pierced b/c she had very little hair and got mistaken for a boy constantly. My husband wants to wait until she can decide and now I'm glad I listened to him. We're going to let her decide, that's what my parents did for me.


Shannon - December 1

I had my ears pierced early and I constantly lost earrings in the playground. My parents or grandparents would buy me Emeralds (I was born in May) an I lost them all. I dont have one set left, and now I regret it because emeralds are now very hard to find and are very expensive. Although that had nothing to do with when you should or shouldn't, my stand is, if you are going to get her ears pierced wait till shes old enough to decide, and then if she does, dont give her expensive jewellery till shes old enough to make sure she doesn't lose it. :)


just wondering - December 1

Thanks to all who have said not to and to wait , but there has got to be someone out there who has done it. See I am hispanic and it is more common for us to do it. My mom got my ears pierced when I was a few weeks old and that far back I dont know how how it felt or if I had any problems. I wasnt a rough child and I never lost an earing because I never got the cheap earings that just slip on. In mexico they have different backs which screw on so they dont come off easily. So There are alot of people who wait but I would like to do it. I know I wouldnt be the only person in history to get my daughters ears pierced so if there is any one else who did, could you please tell me when. if you have any negative comments please keep them to your self. Every one has their own beliefes and and I have mine. But thank you to those who have responded.


Chrissy - December 1

See my above response. (I posted it earlier, you must have missed it) I had my little girls done when she was 7 months old. She has not had any problems with them yet, and she is a very active 2 year old now. She wears the earrings that have the screw on back. And she also by the way loves her earrings...she tells everyone to look at them! ***** Have a good day***


just wondering - December 1

Thanks Chrissy. I didnt miss it I was just overwhelmed that so many people are against it. All of the little girls in my family have their ears pierced, But they are all in mexico and thier mothers do it in the first few days of life, But I wouldnt want to do it that early. So it is nice to see someone who has done it. So if you have another girl are you going to have hers done to?


Chrissy - December 1

Yes I would difinatley have it done again. I think they are soooo cute. I also didn't realize so many people were against it. hmmm... I live in North Carolina and see little girls with there ears peirced all the time.


Victoria - December 1

I'm from Venezuela, and over there the put the earns right away in the hospital. You take the baby home allready with her little earns!!! I think they look super cute. I'm having a girl in April and I'm very disappoint that I have to wait at least tow month to have them done!!!!!


just wondering - December 1

Chrissy I live here in california and see tons of little girls with their ears pierced thats why I thought i would get some more responces, But I guess No one on here but us is willing to do it. So if you do get another baby girl, would you wait the same time as you did with your first or would you wait longer or do it sooner?


Chrissy - December 1

I would probally wait about the same time... she was able to hold her head up very well and was sitting up at that point. I don't know if that really makes any difference.,, :) But I think they are cute, and everyone always comments on her pretty earrings, about how cute they are. Check with were you would get them done at, they may be age specific, or let you know if the child has to have certain shots. That is the way it was here, we had to bring proof of her shot records. (just a little FYI)


just wondering - December 1

Chrissy thanks for the info. I am going to have to have it done somewhere perhaps at a jewelry store or somehwere proffesional. Were you able to provide your own earings or did you have to buy them from where they did it. I know that Claires boutique does it in the mall but I dont know if I have to buy the earings from them. Plus I dont a want a teenager that works there to pierce them. Where did you have your baby's done?


Chrissy - December 1

As a mater of fact... :) we had hers done at claire's in the mall. The manager happened to be working there.. and she was awesome with my daughter. And she did it very quickly, so it was not as much drama for my daughter. We used the earings that were from the store, however later bought some from somewhere else... but the earrings from Claires gave us no problems what so ever. we just happened to run across another pair that I liked. hope this helps.



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