Baby Heart Rate Anything To Do With Gender

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hunee - October 7

The other day my friend saw her midwife and she checked the heart beat it was 143bpm the midwife then tiold her she was having a girl. When I was pregnant with my little boy his heart rate was 167bpm. so I was wondering if anyone else knows their babies heart beat and the s_x of the baby so i can see if it works out or if the midwife was just being silly. By the way I am 26 weeks pregnant with m y second and the heart rate is 143bpm


shelly - October 7

That is just a myth. It depends on the baby and their activity. I'm having a boy, and at my 1st u/s he was very active and his heartrate was 158. the other day I went for another and he was sleeping his heart rate was 147. There's no way a heart beat can determine the s_x of the baby


moe - October 7

NO I asked my Dr and she said that is sooo not true , it has nothing to do with the gender, sorry and I have a well known top OBGYN Dr..


hunee - October 7

thats cool i thought it was nonsense i just thought it would be fun knowing heart rates thanks


val - October 7

My mom said when she was pregnant with me all the dr's told her she was having a boy because of the heart rate(she never had any u/s), and low and behold I am a girl LOL Unfortunately that doesn't work, wouldn't that be neat if it did though, we wouldn't have to wait for ultrasounds to find out what it is!


Ashley - October 8

A midwife that taught my birth cla__s said since I had so much morning sickness I'm having a girl. She's not the midwife I'm using but I just thought it was funny. My inlaws all think my baby is a girl b/c of the heartrate - which was a "fast" 170 at 12 weeks, and so does my mom. People are funny. There was a thread that talked about heart rate and it seems to be pretty unrelated. Chances are, I am having a girl, but I'd love to prove them all wrong in a way, lol! The unfortunate thing is, a "myth" always has a 50/50 chance of being right, so it always has it's believers, ya know? Good luck! :)



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