Baby Heartbeats

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MShell - October 26

Is anyone else having problems with their doctor finding their baby's heartbeat? I'm 14/15 weeks and my doctor can't find the heartbeat with the doppler. Has this happened to anyone else or am I just worrying?


MeM - October 26

Yes this happend to me...the reason why they can't find it is because you might have a tilted uterus. THat's my problem, so she ended up doing a u/s right in the office because I told her that I would worry if she didn' your dr tomorrow and just tell them you were wondering if there is anythign else they can do to stop the worrying :) I'm sure you're fine!


answer - October 26

when i went to the doctors yesterday and he was looking for the heartbeat, he said i hate 15 weekers the heartbeat is so hard to i wouldnt worry. It most likley is just post_tioning.


MShell - October 27

She scheduled an u/s for next Tuesday but before she said that I have a tilted uterus also. Thank you so much.


Tara - October 28

It happened to a friend of mine at 17 weeks and doctor could not find heartbeat, so she phoned me and I did some research on the internet for her and it could be tilted uterus, babies position or baby moving around too much. She had an ultrasound next day and baby was fine with a very strong heartbeat. They told her her placenta is low I dont know if that caused it, but they thought baby was most likely moving around too much. I rented a doppler and some days takes me seconds to find heartbeat and others I have to put it down and try again hours later. Its not always easy even when your 14/15 weeks pregnant. Ill be 15 weeks on October 31 and sometimes have a lot of problems finding heartbeat, so dont worry too much yet, ask them to schedule an ultrasound for rea__surance. Good luck


Amy - October 28

at the dr office we heard it for the first time at 21wks they never take very long to look for it then they would take me in for a u/s


misty - October 28

Yes this just happened to me. My midwife could not find the heart beat the first time she tried. So on the next visit tried again... still couldn't find it... third time no heartbeat. By this time I was well into my 18th week. This totally scared the c___p outta me. So we went in for an ultrasound and sure enough we found the heart beat. The reason she couldn't get it was because our baby was deep and in back. But now he is bigger so its way easy for her to get now. Just ask your dr to give you a us to make you feel reasured. Im sure your baby like mine is in deep. Dont worry and keep us posted. Good luck!!


sara s - October 28

I heard mine at 11 wks 4 days it was 140 it was a little tricky to find then but they did At 15 wks 4 days they got it first shot it was 155 its the most reasuing thing to hear when you cant yet feel baby more and now at 16 wks i feel my little one alot its really cool



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