Baby In Breech Position At Almost 27 Wks

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M - October 12

ok I had an ultrasound at over 26 wks and she said the head was up by my ribs, and this is my 3rd preg and with the other 2 their heads were already down and ready to go, but the tech said they dont care what position they are in as long as they turn by 36 wks, and she said she could turn at anytime. It just seems odd that with my other preg's their heads were in the down postion and this one is diff, I do NOT want a c-section and I am scared that she will be breech.. anybosy have this ahppen to them???


ad - October 12

You will most likely get a better answer, from some people who may have gone trhough or are going through this with the current pregnancy by posting your question on the 3rd trimester board.


M - October 12

well i was goign to also post it there and I thought of that too after I already posted it, but i thought well maybe it has happened to someone in a past preg, thanks though


pbj - October 12

You've got plenty of time. My doctor hasn't even checked to see if my baby is head down yet and I'm 34 weeks, nurse said they won't even bother to check until 36 weeks. Just think about it this still have 13 more weeks that's 3 months. All pregnancies are different, just because your first two were head down already doesn't mean a thing.


kl - October 12

she still has plenty of time to turn...if you are that worried i would suggest you check with your doc..


M - October 12

thanks you guys, well the tech said not to worry, i just thought it was strnage that she was diff from my boys with their heads down, the tech said she has plenty of time to turn and they dont care where she is until 36 wks


Bonnie - October 12

Yeah, I'm one week earlier thn you and I am the same. They told em the babies still move all around at this point and it doesn't matter. I did read something once that said if you sit on a chair and lean forwards, or sit on an exercise ball (I plan on getting one soon) and lean forward, or even get on all fours towards then end a lot (like when you watch tv or whatever) it is supposed to help get the baby turned to the right position. It also prevents the posterior position (back labour). (My friend had that and it looked scary painful.) So I plan on doing that the last 10 weeks ro so to help.


Amy - October 12

M - do not worry.. you have plenty of time. I am on my third pregnancy (21 weeks pregnant - second ended with m/c but I have a healthy 20 month old boy). My first baby was breech until 38 weeks! Babies can turn at anytime. It is WAY too early to worry.


lil - October 12

M, like the others said, don't worry, my dd did not turn around head down until 34 weeks. to ad: not very supportive answer! What is wrong with asking in more than one place?


M - October 12

well i feel better thanks for all of you guys responses, this is a great site.. i love coming here with other women preg as well, although putting alot of preg woman together can cause some riots i am sure with hormones and all, lol


Amy - October 12

M - The board is for you to ask questions and be supported by other pregnant woman. I would ignore anyone else that isn't on the same page! ;) Try to relax.. your body has given birth before and knows what it is doing. You may just have a little stubborn guy / gal in there that isn't ready to be in the head-down position! :)



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