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Liana - October 27

I am 4 and a half months preg and i am afraid that I am putting my baby boy in danger. here is the thing,my boss makes me wear really really confing pants that squish my belly in, because he doesn't want the customers to see my expanding little belly!! I am not showing that much yet, but I know that it will only get worse!! Bottom line is, am I hurting my baby by squishing in my belly???


huh? - October 27

Why would your boss want you to hide it? Can we have mreo info? What do you do, etc.


Liana - October 27

I am a waitress at bar, kind of like a hooters, it called sofa king... men, grunting ,.. beer, that sort of stuff


Maggie - October 27

Any pressure thats on your belly that makes you feel uncomfortable, and in pain is not good. Can your boss have you behind the bar? Or better yet, could you wear a s_xy empire cut shirt? That would hide your belly better than tight pants. Liana your boss really sounds like a jerk, but I know you have to work so I won't tell you to quit. I just hope that people aren't b__wing smoke in your face, or getting drunk and trying to grope you. Good Luck to you.


L - October 27

Sorry to hear you have to endure such discomfort. I suggest you check you state labor board about this one. I pretty positive that he can't force you to wear pants that are too tight with the pretense of hiding your pregnancy. Under law, employers must accommodate disability needs. Pregnancy is included as a disability.


Liana - October 27

I don't know about that disability aw, maybe I will look into that. I don't know how much longer i can work though because of belly, how big are you supposed to be at 4 months? With my first I didn't even show until 5 or 6 months. The smoke is another thing that bothers me, but I myself don't smoke, so its not that bad I guess


Maggie - October 27

Pam, why do you have to be so rude? She's a bartender, not a prost_tute. Bartenders make decent money, and she has to take care of her children. What do you do for a living? Or are you blessed enough to be one of those moms that doesn't have to work, and therefore could not possibly understand. Cut the girl some slack she came here looking for help.


Beth - October 27

Liana-I'm sorry that your boss is such a jerk, but, depending on where you live it is against the law to fire you for being pregnant and I'm sure its against the law to force you to wear that clothing tha tcould be harming you and your baby. Look into the labour laws where you live so that you know your rights, then speak to your boss. It's better to know exactly what your rights are before you speak to him. In that industry I know alot of labour laws are broken (I was a bartender for the past 2 years) but they can't get away with it. Also if you can still hide that your pregnant, why don't you try to find a new job while you still can? Hope this helps and good luck with everything!


Liana - October 27

thank you ladies , all of your responses have been very helpfull!! don't know what I will do yet, but I broke the b___ton on my work pants, haha, so I guess i just CANT wear them! Are any of you guys showing a lot yet? How far along are you?


rl - October 27

You need to report your boss to the labor board asap what he is forcing you to do is against the law and if you hurt your baby you will never forgive yourself maybe you really should start to think about finding another job if you can if you can not now you should after you have the baby that is just so awful and I am sorry you are going thru that!! Good luck to you and I wish you the best.


Christine - October 27

Pam!! What the hell is the matter with you?!?! People come here for support and guidance not to be ridiculed by an idiot like yourself. How could you possibly compare Liana's job to that of a stripper? She's trying to make a living to support her child. Liana - What your boss is asking of you isn't fair or professional. I really think you should discuss this with a labour law employee. Goodluck to you!! Let us know how it works out for you :)


MLS - October 27

Liana: I'm almost positive that I read of a similar situation like this in which a Hooters waitress sued her employer for something similiar......and won. only advice I can give is to look for a waitressing position somewhere else. is that possible, ya think?


Liana - October 27

i don't want to look for another job because I am already showin a little, my job isn't bad, my boss doesn't make me do difficult stuff, he knows I'm pregnant and he respects that and goes easy... no lifting,etc. however he wants a certain "image"


Misty - October 27

You can very well be hurting the baby. Your boss has no right to make you wear those clothes just because he doesnt want the customers to see. If I were you I would either quit my job for the sake of my baby or turn him in to the labor board. Either way putting baby at danger for a job is just not worth it!


jen - October 27

Liana, sew in a panel in the front of your pants so its morecomfy for you and where a bit longer shirt.. I also think your boss is an a__s. how long are you going to be able to work there? also I am 12 week s and definalty showing, tiny build so it shows easy..I found these great black pants that expand with my growng belly cant. they dont hurt or squish anything they are 72% rayon.44 %poly And 4% spandex by levi.. should be able to wear them right through..also the low cut pants are good too let ur belly hang right over just where a longer shirt... I think you are hurting your self more then your baby with your constricting pants.. tell your boss to try on a pair of pants two sizes to small and see how long he can wear them,,,,,,,my advse to you is be as comfy as you can.. aybe you can bartend behind the bar.ater. nobody will see...


Beth - October 27

Liana, I saw your website, from the other post you made... your daughter is beautiful!! you look so young!!!!! how old are you!?


Jennifer - October 27

It's illegal for your boss to put restrictions on you based on your pregnancy. It is illegal to fire or choose not to hire someone because they are pregnant... it is discrimination and he can get into a lot of trouble because of this. not to mention you will be a happier worker if you are more comfortable. It doesn't matter where you work, it's still illegal.



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