Baby Item Brands You Recommend

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kashni - February 1

Hi Everyone, There seem to be loads of baby items out there, can people who have already made up their minds about that they are getting their babies, post the brands of the items here, like crib/car seat will make it a lot easier for the rest of us (the lazy ones) to make a decision...


Jmom - February 1

there is a book out called baby bargains- It is a great resouce and basically breaks things down like this!


mommybabyboy21 - February 1

Graco!!!!!!! I worked in daycares and been a private nanny. I have used ever product from the cheap stuff to designer $800 strollers. And I have to say my baby is getting all Graco Gear as far as strollers and car seats.


Tracy88 - February 1

I am researching everything, by reading consumer reviews, talking to moms, and checking out the items in person, so hopefully I can help a little. I wanted the 500 dollar stroller, but after careful deliberation decided on the Graco Quattro Tour LXI stroller and Snugride carseat. My baby monitor is the "imonitor Digital Video baby monitor by Graco" I wanted video and read that digital are better than the 900mhz that experience tons of static and problems. The swing and bouncy seat I registered for are the Baby Papasan line from Fisher Price. The music and vibration wasn't obnoxious, and the swing goes side to side and front to back. Nursery furniture I am getting from Pottery Barn Kids, I like the quality compared to some of the stuff out there, and I work there so get a good discount. Pacifiers I am buying off the web from Hawaii Medical. I want one piece pacifiers so I don't have the image of my child inhaling a piece of rubber and choking on it! Make sure your sterilizer is not a microwave one, they were not highly recommended. If I can think of more as the days go on I will write more.


kashni - February 2

Thank you guys, all these will be a great help to the rest of us, specially since this child will be the first baby in both my and my husband's families, so noone knows anything about baby products...please add on any thing else you can think of that needs to be considered before buying stuff...


momma3tobe - February 2

The Snugli was a must for me, more for my second than my first. A boppy is great if you plan on b___st feeding. The swaddler blanket is great for newborns. And a word of advice, no need to but pampers newborn diapers unless you want to... I bought the Walmart brand and just cut an area for the umbilical cord and it worked great!


sarahbaby11 - February 2

if differs for different far as swings, strollers, car seat, playards i say graco hands down. they have great products and great customer service if needed. bottles..if you don't have a fussy baby walmart brand is great an affordable. if you are formula feeding try to get ou bay to switch to a store brand like parents choice....basically the same but almost half the price...and that adds up. diapers....some people disagree but i am a firm believer in forget the store brands after the first month or two. in the beggining you change so often that it doesn't matter. but once you start going out places and in and out of carseats and carriers and such i say pampers...they hold a bit more drier then huggies plus huggies can sometimes smell like peepee if the baby goes twice before you can change it. crib....that is really dependant on how long you plan to use it..if you want a convertible the baby will use through teen years then go with a little more expensive depot or jcpenney have good quality at a fair price. hey ake alot and look great. my daughters came from jcpenney adn we have taken it apart and moved it and put it back together around 10 times and still as sturdy as the first time. if you just want it for baby to toddler target and walmart have nice looking less expensive brands...even kmart has some nice ones in the same prices. a crib set- don't go crazy check ebay they have a lot of no name ones that are beautiful and good quality. after all you don't use the comforter really. plu once you haev a toddler they might not think the pink bunnies or fruit is cute and would rather have nemo or something. so who wants to spend $200+ on something you use for 18months minus time in the ba__sinet. last if wonter time baby the cars eat covers are great to avoid a snowsuit. the ons that go over the cover are actully safer then the jj cole bundle mes and half the price.


kashni - February 2

Just to give u guys a brief idea of how dumb I am, I didnot know so many things that were suggested here, like what a snuggli or a swaddler blanket husband had no clue either, this baby is in for a joy-ride with the most ignorant parents around :)


DownbutnotOUT - February 2

Graco hands down there reliable and have great product warantees.


sarahbaby11 - February 2 and your husband will figure it all out. just remember price doesn't make it better. also check your local hospital you are delivering at they often have expectant parent cla__ses and they will help a lot. my husband and i took one for our first


LinsTwin - February 2

Okay, being a first-time mom-to-be, I don't have any experience. But I can share the things that my friends have told me are must-haves. Several people I know swear by the Costco Kirkland brand diapers. They're actually made by Huggies (just like their coffee's made by Starbuck's), but they're much cheaper. I've also heard Huggies extra-sensitive wipes are the best. Other absolute must-haves: Baby Bjorn (or Snugli), Boppy, ExerSaucer, Dr. Brown's bottles, Graco infant carseat, swaddle blankets, Aveeno bath products, Diaper Dekor (not Diaper Genie). And I'm sure the list goes on...


DDT - February 2

Graco travel system, Fisher-Price baby swing, Avent bottles/pump


kashni - February 3 for a shopping trip tomorrow to check out all these items, with this list in hand, atleast we have something to start with...DH says thank u for all the suggestions !!


kashni - February 5

So, did get to look at most of the mentioned items in Target, it was great fun...I quite liked most of them too, we will start our buying spree soon enough !!


wailing - February 8

I am just as confused as you Kashni. I am dizzy w/ what I should be getting and what is useless. I am taking some of my girlfriends who are moms w. me to help. But I did find that this one great book really helps alot. It's by Vicki Iovine called The Girlfriends Guide to Baby Gear. It's breaks everything down you'll need and not need. Like everyone said. More money is not a better product!!! Also for all everyone else get onto the Consumer Reports Recall List for Bay stuff. It'll tell you what to be weary of. Safe and Happy shopping.


kashni - February 8

Thanks Wailing, I will check those books out...


Cap - February 8

I'm a first time mom also - almost 19 weeks - We found out we were having a girl two days ago! This is kind of dumb but can someone please tell me what a boppy is for? I just don't get it. I've read descriptions and reviews - but I don't understand how people use it. Thanks for any responses.



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