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amy.bushman - September 23

Hello! I just turned 24 weeks and I was wondering, is it normal not to feel kicks and punches yet? I am a plus sized women and some people have said that it will take longer for me to feel the movement. I feel movement alot but not the kicking. Thanks alot.


kristi-77 - September 23

Hi Amy, Yes, I am also 24 weeks and I'm just starting to feel movement and small kicks. Everyone is a little different and size of your body does matter. It also matters if this is your first baby. Good Luck!! You'll feel him/her soon


emtcutie1028 - September 23

I felt my little one kicking at 17 weeks. I am pretty small though, and he was pretty big for his age. He was born at 22 weeks and was 15.5 inches. He didnt make it though :-( But I think me being small and him being so long is why I felt him so much.


jlee27 - September 23

Everyone feels the baby at different times, I'm one of the lucky ones. I am also a plus size woman (297 pounds) and pregnant with my first and I first felt the baby around 17 weeks and now at 23 wks it rolls around and kicks me all the time. It kind of makes me mad that everyone clumps plus size women in there own category with everything baby related. My opinion is every pregnancy is different for every person no matter what there size. My pregnancy has been complication free up to this point, I was expecting to be put at high risk just because I was overweight but there has been no reason for it yet. I'm sorry to vent on your question, it just irritates me that people think that just because we are overweight that it will take longer to feel the baby and that we will have all kinds of complications. I'm sure you are fine I heard they don't worry about it until you are 28 wks.


Buffi R. - September 24

The position of your placenta can affect how early you feel the kicks too. For instance, if your placenta is anterior (along the front of your belly) you probably won't feel anything on the outside very early. If your placenta is posterior (on the backside of your uterus closer to your spine, you probably won't feel the inside kicks very early, or you might not recognize them even if they're happening. Don't be concerned yet. At one of my ultrasounds (at 20 weeks with 2nd baby), the baby was moving like crazy and I never felt one of those movements. You'd think that since I could see they were going on, I'd be able to feel them too, but not that time. :-)



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