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Solanyidr - January 18

I'm so scared just got a call from the nurse saying my Doctor want's to se me because the results of the measurements of the baby taken through u/s on 1/6/06, are not recurring with the due date my Doctor gave me. I'm scared because when I thought I was 12 weeks my doctor performed a small sonogram, he told me that the baby was overdeveloped for 12 weeks and that i was 17 weeks instead. I don't know if it's that the baby isn't growing or what? All I know is that i'm going to the doctor on Monday, I hope he doesn't tell me anything bad. I feel so scared and desperate! please give me your imput especially if you went through a similar situation, maybe you'll be able to put my mind at ease. By the way i'm "supposed" to be 20 weeks.


Solanyidr - January 19

Girls please share your imput!


Steph - January 19

I have not gone through a similar experience, but I think that it would be best for you if you try your hardest not to freak out too much until you go see your doctor. Otherwise, the stress that you are going to have from today until Monday is going to be extremene and not helpful to you at all. Hope all is well and be sure to let us know on Monday. ((((((hugs))))))))


mama-beans - January 19

This is not a big deal.... They just want to re-measure to make sure they have the right due date, that's all.... Baby not growing properly is such a rare thing, really don't waste energy worrying about it! Think of this as a freebie u/s and a chance to see your little one again!


ker - January 19

i agree with mama beans, my friend had to do the same thing her baby is 5 months old now and perfectly fine, your baby will be fine.


sparkles - January 19

It could be that the ultrasound tech made a mistake or the baby wasn't stretched out to his/her full length. This happens quite often. My friend recently had to have her baby remeasured, because part of the baby was measuring weeks behind. Turns out that it was a mistake on the part of a new tech and the baby was fine. When I thought I was 8 weeks along, my baby measured at 10 weeks. A week later, she measured at 12 1/2 weeks. At 19 1/2 weeks, she measured at 18 1/2 weeks. Baby's do their own thing when it comes to growing. Your md may, also, be off on your due date. It could be a lot of things. But don't waste time stressing over something you can't control and that is probably nothing. Good luck with your Monday ultrasound! Hope all goes well!


Solanyidr - January 27

Hey girls thanks for your support. I know i'm alittle late with my response, my mind hasn't een on track lately. Anyway i went to see my doctor he said that the baby is fine in weight size, the nurse gave me the wrong info. He also told me that on my last u/s the baby seemed to have choroid plexus. He said not to worry this is somethind that usually disappears during the third trimester and he scheduled me for a following u/s this time only more intense. choroi plexus is a small fluid cyst in the brain "not a tumor or cancerous" and it wont effect the baby's brain developement or the baby in any way they usually disappear during the last three months of the pregnancy. Don't any of you go woring now me and my baby will do just fine i now it! thanks for your support everyone!



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