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Vanessa2 - January 29

Hi, I'm about 15 weeks. About a week ago I felt the baby like that fluttering/popping sensation. Then a few days later I felt it very frequently for two days- like every few minutes. But I haven't felt it since. I don't know if it's too early to monitor that or if I should be worried? Have any of you had similar experiences?


stefkay - January 29

I would think you are ok being this early. I don't think movement is supposed to be consistent until after like 24 or 28 weeks? I'm almost 18 weeks and have been feeling things since about 16. It's weird because this is my first so for a while I wasn't sure if it was "it", you know? I'm still wondering because the places I feel little bumps and rolls seem a bit low. I feel most of it around my panty line which is like 3 inches below my belly b___ton and i tend to feel things more on the left or right sides. Does this sound normal to you all that know what movement feels like? LOL, it sounds like a dumb question, but I had to ask....thanks!


sarah21 - January 29

Don't worry yet. I only felt movement like every three days when I first felt movement. By about 22 weeks you should probably start feeling something more regularly. Definitely once you get to the end of your second trimester you'll be feeling normal, consistent movement. You don't really need to worry about monitoring movement until 28 weeks. Stefkay, the first movements for me were low and to the left. It seemed like it was an odd spot to feel movement, but that's what it was. You'll keep wondering probably until you can feel it from the outside (which came at 19 weeks for me) and confirm it to yourself.


Vanessa2 - January 29

Thanks...In response to Stefkay, I also felt it quite low really at first. Then last night I thought I might have felt it again, but it seemed to high to me- like up by my belly b___ton...Looking forward to feeling the consistent rea__surance!!


stefkay - January 29

Thank you guys! I'm getting so so excited to KNOW it's little kicks and jabs, lol :)


newmomma32 - January 30

I am paranoid about movement too--I am 20 weeks on Friday -- have an ultrasound too --- and am wondering where the movement has gone! maybe the baby turned around!


sashasmama - January 30

Anyone feeling movement to the top?? Like into your stomache where it feels like it's too high at first? I don't feel ANYTHING down low only to the top, and they are not flutters like with my first but actual little jabs, sometimes to the sides.


ms. optimistik - February 2

sashasmama...I have been feeling my baby since about 10 weeks and at my 12 week check up, the doc found the baby very high above my belly b___ton. Since then I feel the baby all over...about a week ago, it kicked SOOO hard up high that I jumped....(I was eating spicy food!!!) and i haven't felt it that hard just little flutters down low. I am only 18weeks!!! I have my ultrasound on February 15th!!!



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