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Dana - June 30

I am at the end of my second trimestester and have not felt any movement. This is my first pregnancy. Is this normal? My doctor says that the first pregnancy can take longer or that the baby may be moving when I am sleeping. They said if after next visit, there is no movement they will do a stress or ultrasound test. Does this sound normal. The baby was moving when I had my first sonogram and there is a heartbeat.


Swati - June 29

I guess your doctor is right, but i also think she sould have done a ultrasound already by now.This is my pregnancy too n my baby did not move at all till 22 weeks. I was very worried so my doctor did an ultrasound. It was very rea__suring to see my baby move in the ultrasound. Now at 25 weeks my baby is pretty active.But atleast knowing that my baby was ok then was very relieving at the time. At the same time i have a friend who did not feel the baby move at all till sh e was 7 months pregnant. And now she has a perfectly normal n healthy toddler.So some people dont feel the baby move till late in their pregnancy.Yet i think u should have an ultrasound soon so that you can have a peaceful mind. All the best.


Nahcol - June 30

Since this is your first pregnancy, it can somtimes be difficult to know the diffrence from movement and gas. Sometimes you have to lay still and pay real close attention. Your baby may move alot while your sleeping or while you are real busy to notice. And also like your doctor said, some women don't feel movement till later in the pregnancy, as long as you hear the heart beat and see the baby move on the moniter, thats a good sign.


Terry - March 2

I am 16.3 weeks, this is my 5th pregnancy, I have been feeling baby move for the last two weeks and see what I'm feeling when I have sonograms, but my husband can't feel what I do, how long before he can feel too.



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