Baby Movement

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Puzzled - May 25

I am still having a problem figuring out which is gas and which is the baby. How can I differ between the two, any answers would be wonderful. I feel something but I'm not getting movement like everyone else is saying.


c - May 26

how many weeks are you? i was 16-17 weeks (first pregnancy) when I felt the first flutters and by 18-19 weeks I could feel full movement. I am now 23 weeks and its getting pretty wild in my belly cause he's constantly moving around. When I felt the first movements it was a little confusing--I wasn't sure at first either if I was feeling the baby or not but believe me now ya can tell. :>


Jo - May 26

you can just tell. everyone describes it as "flutters" and it's just can tell it's not digestive related...more like a muscle spasm or a tick of some kind. i'm at 17 weeks and also started feeling it at 16 wks.


Ranya - May 26

I had the exact same problem, couldn't tell the difference, especially that I'm used to rumbling and other sensations in my tummy from indigestion. Now I'm 18 wks today and I can definitely feel the difference, it's very subtle but distinct, just wait a bit :)


Heidi - May 26

When I was about 16 wks I felt these little movements and didn't know if it was gas or digestion or what. Now at 19 wks I can tell those were movements because they're much more frequent and consistent.


J - May 26

I am 19 weeks and have been feeling movement for about 3 weeks. At 18 weeks, my husband could feel the kicks too. I was confused at first too, but as the days go by, the movements become more distinctive. Good Luck!


Michelle - May 26

I am 18 weeks. I started feeling movements around 15 weeks. I had a few days in a row that I felt pretty consistant movement but haven't felt anything for the past 2 days. Is this normal?


maria - May 26

in early december i took a test just to compare to a friends test because she got a faint clear line and wouldnt believe me thats normal so we knew i wasnt pregnant and i did one to show her but it came up positive as did another the following day, then every one after that negative and i even started spotting which would sometimes last a few weeks but be light. I gave up thinking i could be pregnant when the tests were negative and spotting even though i was tired, would get sore b___sts, felt sick, got heartburn, i put it down to iffy tummy. But last few weeks i can feel something moving, i thought it might be gas but it seems to be getting stronger and doesnt feel so much like gas but i am still getting negative tests. A girl in the same street as me is pregnant, she was getting negative tests, no signs at all only that her mum insisted she was pregnant and when the doctor gave in and sent her for a u/s she was 30 weeks gone. I keep telling her maybe i am having her symptoms but she keeps laughing and saying yeah right see you in the delivery ward. I haven't been to a doctor because i would feel silly telling him i think i feel something moving just for him to tell me its gas and send me home because if he tests i know it will be negative. I really dont know if i am, i want to be and think thats making me worse but i have a child and know what it feels like and i know this isnt just gas it feels like flutters and now tiny kicks inside, guess i will wait and see if i get big kicks or if a baby pops out in 3 months.



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