Baby Movement Down Low

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stefkay - March 29

I'm just full of questions today (and obviously can't sleep either), but do any of you feel movement (kicks, etc.) down VERY low? I get them all over but feel a lot of them down at about pubic hair line. Tonight a lot of it woke me up and I sat up in bed in reclining position for a while befor egetting on here and literally had some jabs like an inch or more BELOW the pubic hairline!!!! I didn't even think my uterus was down there at this point (26 weeks). I feel kicks or punches up high above my belly button too at times so I just don't know what to think. It being the weekend I can't call the doctor to see if this is normal so I'm hoping to hear from you all....thanks!


Hopeful3 - March 29

I'm not sure if it's normal or not, but my baby is staying low as well. When I went for my last u/s, what I thought were kicks were actually her head b___ting me right above my pubic bone. The doc didn't seem concerned at all, so I'm thinking it's okay. I'm 21 1/2 weeks btw.


cors1wfe - March 29

My little worrier - you email me anytime if you can't sleep and I will answer as soon as i get up - yes that in normal - I think you would be amazed to see just how big your uterus is - I feel my lo up aorund my belly b___ton sometimes but while at work sitting in my chair she is down low...very low and that's when she does what I call bladder almost hurts when she's down there cuz she's beating on parts that are already so stretched! Girly we are headed to the 3rd and most uncomfortable Trimester unfortunately so this ladies sadly is just the beginning.....and of course the trimester we are most on edge with exception of the first tri when we all feared m/c now we fear all the nightmare stories we have heard about 3rd trimester loss.....even breathe with me now .....breathe in......breathe out....... breathe in ..... breathe out....LOL girls I am here for you! HUGS....Tina


stefkay - March 29

TINA, girl you are a godsend ;) I just replied to your other post and after reading this one I'm feeling even better. There was a reason that you and I ended up in the same due date group, huh??? I don't believe in it being mere coincidence, lol :) I can't believe we are less than a week from "crossing over' and I guess I am just starting to feel the discomfort! I have a constant pain in my lower right abdomen and it's probably cla__sic round ligament pain but it is so freakin annoying!!!! It's like a hot pain if that makes sense? I also forget how big my girl is getting in there. I read that at 26 weeks she is 14.5" long!!!! good lord, that is longer than a foot, so I guess she could stretch from above my belly b___ton to my hoo-ha, huh? It does feel like she's beating on my cervix to get out.....yikes! I just hope it stays closed, lol


Precious - March 29

hey Stef i wanted to tell you that the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago.. it was kinda painful but its just movement.. i try not to worry but then it just kept going and going.. n i asked around n they said its normal.. i guess its just the baby moving around alot. dont panic


kay101 - March 29

I'm 31 weeks and you'll feel movements all over your entire pregnancy. When you get a little further along you'll start getting jabs at your bladder that make you feel like you have to pee right that second LOL and sometimes the pressure can make it feel like you have shooting pains through your cervix. All totally normal but not exactly comfortable! Now that you're baby is getting bigger he/she is filling up your uterus and doesn't have as much room so you start feeling every stretch, roll, etc. not just the kicks and jabs.



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