Baby Movement On US

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new mommy - May 4

I had an ultra sound in week 12, it was one of those gross ones where they stick a thing up down there and do the ultra sound. Well in that one we could definetly see baby doing flips and having a grand old time. Well this time I am 15.5 weeks along and we had our first tummy us. I wasn't thinking of this when we were looking at it with the doctor but the baby wasn't moving around at all. Everything looked healthy. Baby was posed in a I'm going to suck my thumb pose and we could see the hart beating but no dancing around this time. Could something be wrong.


Jamie - May 4

The baby may have been sleeping during the second ultrasound. (BTW, the first one is called a v____al ultrasound, and is used in the early weeks of pregnancy because it's more sensitive than the tummy ultrasound.)


new mommy - May 4

thanks, well I have to say I much prefer teh tummy ultrasound. I can actually relax and just look at the screen. I was s_xually a__saulted during my teen years and I still have a hard time with anyone besides my husband being down there. I guess I better get used to it. My mom says by the time you are delivering you won't care if the janitor is in the room. She always adds that she actually thinks he was in the room.


Erynn21 - May 4

My baby was moving all over when I had my u/s @19wks. Then she just stopped, I asked the tech if she fell asleep and she said yes, so I actually watched it happen. It was wierd too because she was moving the wand all over my stomach and made me roll over to get the baby to move and she just wouldn't, it's fine.


SuzieQ - May 4

Thank you for posting your question - I have an u/s tomorrow at 18wks and having that happen to me would definitely freak me out! Now I'll now about the whole sleeping thing!


KellyO - May 4

My doc told me to drink something sweet before my u/s. Like orange juice or lemonade to tget the baby going!


iakram - May 4

hi new mommy, it's funny when i went for my 12 week scan the baby was still! so still that she had to hit my tummy a few times with the device just to take the measurements - but there was a definite HB and all. I think Jamie might be right your little one was probably sleeping. If you have the 18 week scan trust me things will be a lot different. My baby did a flip, sucked his/her thumb and then took one arm and out it underneath the head! and we see all of that! it was the best one ever!!



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