Baby Movement Question

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ThePezChick - April 19

I've been sad because I haven't felt the baby move. I'm 16 1/2 weeks along. I was reading a book my OB gave me yesterday. When talking about baby movement it said some people refer to their first movements as "popping bubbles" or "their stomach growling". My stomach growls pretty much every night when I go to bed. I've always attributed it to gas or the medicine I'm taking to combat constipation. Could it possibly be the baby moving? I know it can take a couple more weeks for the movement to be felt, especially since this is my first baby; however, I was wondering if I might be missing something, thinking the sounds and feeling I'm having (the growling) was gas.


stephgts - April 19

I dunno about growling actually being the baby. But with it being your first, it's not abnormal for you to not feel your babe yet. Some women don't feel the baby until as much as 24 weeks and if you're overweight you might not feel kicks until 28 weeks. Me, I'm really tiny and skinny so I felt her really good for the first time the other night. Felt like she was using my uterus to play the drums, lol. It was really light but it still felt like a drum roll, it cracked me up. Don't worry about it though ok? Plus your placenta might be at the front of your abdomen which can cause you to have to wait longer to feel the kicks and punches. GOOD LUCK!!


divinelibra - April 19

i'm no expert on baby movements yet. but i felt the same way as you. i'm 17 weeks, close to 18, and was scared sh*tless for like 3 weeks. all of my pregnancy symtoms had completely vanished, all i could think of, was the babys not there anymore! but about 2 or so weeks ago, my b___bs started hurting again, and the "gas bubbles" started. turns out it wasn't gas. it was the BABY!!! it got stronger and stronger, still feels like b___terflies in there, but i can tell the difference now, cause its all the time. easier said than done, but, don't be scared! wait alil bit longer, its coming! now my thoughts are consumed with, "it must be a boy!" cause its not just night times i'm feeling it, its all day. its fun. lol. good luck!


Erynn21 - April 19

I'm not an expert on baby movements either, but I do know a lot of women have they're palcenta in the front of the uterus, so they don't feel much movement. Have you had an ultrasound? This would give you an idea. Mine is up high so I've felt movement for about 5 wks.(I'm @20wks)so that may be why I feel so much movement. This is my first so I didn't know what it would feel like, but one morning laying in bed I felt what I would describe as a light feathery feeling inside. My ob also said last week that I may feel lots one day&none the next. Good luck.


SuzieQ - April 19

Pezchick - I am in the same boat as you. I'm 16w3d and can't wait to feel movement! I've tried to feel something different, and it's happened twice now where I feel something but I don't know if it's just a muscle twinge or gas or what. I'm sure in a month or two I'll be wishing for light kicks instead of karate kicks, but I'd like to feel something NOW! lol


Krista - April 19

I'm prego with my first and I didn't feel my baby...(felt like bubbles popping) around 18 1/2 was very I'm 20 1/2 weeks and I feel my baby EVERYDAY all day long! =)


iakram - April 19

Hi Pez Chick -I would not worry. With my DS I didn't feel anything till at least 20 weeks. This time around being my 2nd preg I was able to feel the baby much sooner at 16 weeks. But like the other ladies said it all depends if you're slim you won't feel the baby till much later. When you can feel the baby movements the most are infact during the night time when you're ready to go to bed! Babies know that you want to go to sleep so it's their turn to move around lol :) Hope this helps and I hope you get to feel your baby in the coming weeks :))


ThePezChick - April 19

I guess what I'm feeling is just gas... darn it! I'm 5'7" and started out at 119 lbs, although I've gained a bit of weight by now. I just want that little sucker to kick or something so I know he's/she's there. I have a dr. appt. tomorrow and a level 2 u/s on the 28th. We'll see what the doctors say then. Thanks ladies~


Celia - April 19

With my first I started feeling movement at 15 weeks and I just started my 2nd trimester and already feeling movements with my 2nd. I think the movements feel more like somebody lightly rubbing me from the inside. I think the whole theory on not feeling movement when overweight has more to do with other's not feeling baby from the outside. Being overweight shouldn't affect a woman from feeling the baby from the inside.


Deb - April 19

When I first felt the baby move, I wouldn't have known it was the baby if my sister hadn't told me that it feels just like gas. The only reason I knew it was the baby and not gas was because I felt it really low, like right near my pubic bone...too low for it to have been gas. Hang in there, you will feel it soon enough, and soon you won't be questioning whether it was the baby or not because you will know for sure.


yourtrish - April 21

I started feeling the baby at 18.5 weeks and this is our first. I wasn't sure at first if it was the actual baby moving or gas, but as the movements became more pronounced I realized it's her! Our little girl! It really felt like flutters to me. I tried to explain it to my husband and the word flutters best described the's like nothing else you've ever felt when it first starts happening. Within a few days, you should be able to determine if you're feeling movement or'll know!



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