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honeybea - April 3

I'm 18wks and i am almost positive i finally felt the baby move ( it wasn't a flutter-more like someone poking me from the inside)- but that was almost 5 days ago. Since then i think i maybe felt it one other time. ( more of a flutter) Should i be feeling it everyday or is it ok to go a few days before feeling it again-especially this early on.


iakram - April 3

Hi honeybea! I think it depends - if that was the first time you've felt the fetal movements then yes they will be somewhat sporatic sometimes you won't feel them for days and then you will! I'm sure you did feel the baby that's for sure :)) It's cool isn't it? I'm 23 weeks and now feel the baby almost every day. You'll feel it more when you're ready to go to sleep that's when the baby becomes active! I don't think you should fret give it a couple of more days you should feel something soon. Hope this helps :))


Krista - April 3

I'm just over 18 weeks and I started feeling my baby (felt like bubbles popping) about a week ago. I feel them everyday...especially at night like iakram said. you could just not be noticing them...maybe your days are too active for you to really notice...?


ShellyC - April 3

Honeybea...don't worry. I am 26 wks. 5 days and I still have days where she is very inactive. I have discovered that even though when I started to feel her move it was any time day or night, she's more likely to be active at night now. I usually fall asleep before 8 pm, but if I wake up and I'm hungry and have a snack really late at night, she's active, so most likely I'm asleep when she's moving. In the beginning I went days without feeling her - it will become a bit more regular in a couple weeks :)


iakram - April 3

It's crazy isn't it. For some reason the baby know's when I'm ready to go to sleep! I'll be lying on the couch the baby will move but not so much as when I'm actually ready to fall asleep lol :) Shelly you're soo lucky you get to sleep by 8pm :))


ShellyC - April 3

I just can't help it :) I lay down to watch t.v. with my husband and I just don't last very long! Then again, usually on those nights I wake up around midnight and can't get back to sleep for a couple of hours (and this is when I usually feel her moving).


Krista - April 3

My mom and sis had a good explanation as to why our babies are so active at night..when we're trying to sleep. All day long your up walking around and moving...along with "rocking" your baby to you stop moving (or lay down to go to sleep) the baby is like "what the heck?" and starts poking at you to start rocking again LOL! =) Our precious babies are just starting...there are going to be plenty of sleepless nights where these are coming from so we'd better get used to it! =)


Chrissythefairy - April 3

lol, yeah i think your mom and sister are right, cause i work with kids and during the day in up running around and playing with them and when i go to sleep i start to feel little kicks and bubbles in my "tummy" that wake me up. The thing is i worrie cause my fiance has this alarm clock that always BLASTS the radio on when it goes off, it sends me flying through the air in shock, i worrie if its shocking the baby too, i know its really OFF SUBJECT but anyone have an answer for me?


destany - April 3

I had the same concern you have, I felt a poking at 15 wks, then nothing for almost a week. Up until a few days ago, I would only feel a small bump which could be the baby, or it could be gas, with days of nothing in between. The last few days I've been feeling the baby move a lot more. It's every day, several times a day. Some times a little, sometimes a lot. I'm 17 1/2 weeks. I think it really depends on your activity level, position of the baby, and your attention. Also, I have' t had any quickening, only the poking. Could be the quickening went overlooked as gas or I just wasn't paying any attention.


jamima - April 12

i am 18 weeks 2day and i fell the baby now a few weeks ago


sezradev - April 13

I'm 20wks tomorrow and I have been feeling the baby for weeks now. To start with it wasn't very often and I might go days without feeling it, but now I can barely go an hour without feeling it. It's constantly kicking and turning, especially when I eat. Its all very reasuring.


Michelle C - April 13

im 21 weeks and i thought i felt it like 2 weeks ago but i wasnt know it was such light flutter i didnt know but last night i clearly felt it and it felt so wierd!!!!!!! it actually felt like tugging on the inside of me!!! i got so excited i called my mom at 11 at night!!! too bad my boyfriend cant feel him yet......he just sat there with his hand on my belly all disappointed....i told him soon he'll be able to!!


SuzieQ - April 16

I'm 16w and am having trouble deciding if I'm just feeling gas or the baby. Very frustrating!!! It's only happend twice now where after I feel it, I'm like "hey - that felt different...?." but don't know if it's because I've read that I may start feeling movements soon. Ah well, another few weeks and I'll know for sure :)


sa__sifras - April 17

I swear last night I saw my tummy moving all over the place, we watched it underneath my bellyb___ton and it felt like my daughter did. I am 15 wks/3 days with my 2nd. But this morning my tummy looks like i just had a big breakfast! So now I am thinking I was just EXTREMELY bloated from Easter dinner and all I felt and saw was a lot of gas?


1Sttimemomy - April 17

i am 19 wks and last week i had my 2nd u/s and they said baby is breach and that my placenta is on top which means i won't feel the baby until later in my pregnancy i get so worried because i feel like if i felt it i would know it is ok but i have to wait a month just to here the heart beat at the doctors ofiice and i won't get another ultrasound until my 3rd trim. and because of the baby being breach they said it is hard to see the s_x of the baby she thinks it is a boy but i think she is wrong i have a very strong feeling it is a girl and i feel wrong telling people it is a boy and the babies father thinks it is a girl also it makes me hate getting u/s done anyways i hope everyone else has a good experience at their u/s and i pray god blesses all your babies


ThePezChick - April 17

I'm so jealous (not in a bad way). You all are so lucky! I'm 16 weeks 4 days and haven't felt a thing. After reading most of these posts it seems I still have a few weeks to go. I can't wait! I think it will be rea__suring just to know the baby's in there. Right now, other than getting bigger, I can't tell I'm pregnant because I can't feel anything. Come on baby... start poking!


Chrissythefairy - April 17

ThePezChick, i wouldnt worrie i started feeling kicks at exaclly 16 weeks. So you should be feeling somthing soon : ) be sure to come back and let us know when you do



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