Baby Moving

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Nikki - May 16

I will turn 14 weeks tomorrow and last night I honestly believe I felt the baby move. I'm a real thin girl so I was told that I may be able to feel it sooner than most. It felt like a bubble popping . It happened three times, not back to back, but in the same spot. What do you guys think?? Am I crazy or was this really my baby's first movements?


chel - May 16

It sounds like that was the baby. In the beginning, it does kinda feel like a bubble.


lyn - May 16

I felt my baby move at around 14 weeks. Every week it gets even more easy to tell. Now at 21 weeks she moves ALL the time.


Melanie - May 16

I am 19 weeks and I envy all of you that have been feeling the baby already! If anyone has any advice, perhaps when the best time to feel the baby, for you, has been? I would appreciate it, because I can not wait and am so so anxious I can't even describe it!


Kaly - May 16

I felt my baby move from about the 17th week onwards but really cudn't be sure until 2 weeks later. Yes it does feel like bubbles getting bigger and popping slowly. It was and is sooo exciting to feel my baby move every single time. Melanie, I think you could try the oranje juice trick. Just 10 mins before you go to bed, drink a bigg gla__s of orange juice(experts say, anything cold and sugary) and lie down on your back for a while(quiet surrounding) and wait for it to happen. But it also depends on your body type, some people maynot feel it until 21-22 weeks or may feel it and think it to be something else. Well, goodluck sweetie, i'm sure you'll feel your little one move soon.


Desiree - May 16

I am 14 weeks and 3 days... and I felt my baby move today!!! It is really exciting... I can't wait until it gets more frequent.. Congrats everyone


Mari - May 16

I am 15 1/2 weeks-16 weeks (??) and I haven't felt baby move- but this is my first and I doubt I will ever know for sure what it feels like. :( wish I knew what to look out for but I guess I'll be getting enough "baby movement" when I feel those strong kicks later on)


Jodie - May 16

Dont worry mari you will soon know what it feels like, while at first the movements are light, and sometimes confused with gas, there is no mistaking it once they are a bit bigger, my daughter was the worst, she used to stretch out inside there and it was extremely uncomfortable



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