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18wbabynov - May 20

k... do im doing this whole registry thing, and i really wanna put the necessities on there... so, if you are already a parent, or have heard something from someone else, what would be the top 3 things to remember to have on the registry?? thanks for the help!


mcatherine - May 21

I'm sure no one has anwsered because the top things you need can't be narrowed down to three! How about a car seat, stroller, ba__sinet, bedding, swing, bouncer/vibration seat, pack-n-play, saucer, play gyms, snuggly, monitor, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, recieveing blankets,burp cloths, diaper bag, onesies, gowns, socks, hats, bibs, bath towels/washcloths, b___st pump/pads, diaper pail. I'm sure I have missed 25 things - but I haven't started shopping yet and don't plan to register for my shower. Good luck.


18wbabynov - May 21

well, i know there are a lot more things than 3 to get a baby by on life, but i was kinda' just asking for things that parents found were items not to live without. for example, my boss said that she would never have lived without TONS of pacifiers and blankets... and my aunt said you NEED a swing for the parents sanity. just odd things like that, which a first time parent might not know. thats what i was trying to get at. thanks though.


les22 - May 21

cot top changer, a comfy chair for feeding and a dimmer light for babies room. i have been wondering about stuff like that too and those are the things people seem to recomend


mcatherine - May 21

Well, in that case, I guess my recommendations would have to be onesies and receiving blankets. Those are the two things I never seemed to have enough of with my son. Also, a lot of my friends tell me they wouldn't do it again without a bottle warmer - which stops them from having to go into the kitchen in the middle of the night while the baby cries the whole time. I guess I plan to try one out, too.


Susan W - May 21

Most of the stuff you are told you need really you don't. I didn't use half of the stuff we were given/bought, and I'm not making that same mistake again. . . .I would buy a sling (NOT a Baby Bjorn or Snuggli -- BAD for backs!), diapers, clothing, receiving blankets, towels and washcloths, wipes, diaper bag and car seat. That's pretty much all we needed for a while. We didn't use a high chair until about 7 months. For MOM, you need a comfy chair to nurse in, a radio to listen to, nursing pads and Lansinoh/Nipple B___ter, and help around the house for at least 2 weeks. . . .. I NEVER used my swing -- baby HATED it --, never used the Pack and Play, never used an exersaucer, used a bouncy seat a little bit, never used a bottle or pacifier or bottle warmer (I exclusively b___stfed for 7 months and still nurse now), didn't use a bib until we started solids, hardly ever used a b___st pump, never used the monitor, stuff like that. Wish I had saved $400 on the crib -- baby refused to sleep there. We also converted to cloth diapers, which has been a huge money saver and we never run out of diapers or have to make a trip to get some. . . . For more help on saving money on all this stuff, pick up the book "Baby Bargains." It did save us money on the stuff -- too bad we didn't realize we really didn't need it all!! But it is fun to shop for baby :)



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