Baby Name Swap

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Jaci - July 21

Hello everyone. I didn't see a thread for swapping baby names so I decided to start one. Here are some names I have on my list. Girls: Nola, Adylyn, Aiklee, Harlee, Dylan, Tylor, Mable, Cora, Cara, Sophia, Piper, Lexus, Mercedes, Grabriela, Daria, Kira, Aidyn, Lucy, Maysie, Andie, Alex, Kori, Brooklin, Regan, Marley, Adley, Etta, Elle, Ella, Kennedy, Grace, Gracie, Lexi, Layla, Katja, Bo. Boys: Kahne (same as Cain), Bristol, Adyn, Boone, Dayton, Levi, Landon, Jaxon or Jackson, Braeden, Nolan, Damon, Judd, Jude, Sterling, Layton, Titus, Tristan, Noel, Oakley. I will keep adding the the list as time goes by and updating the thread! Feel free to add more!!!!


m2b - July 21

Girl: Tylah, Addie, Kamerin, Madelyn, Millie, Nessa, Quinn, Libby. Boy: Xander, Boyd, Connor, Porter, Rhett, Ross, Royce, Winston, Tanner, Zane


come on - July 21

you have to be kidding me. How can you have so many names!


jess - July 21

i think this is GREAT IDEA!! I will add from my list at home when i get a min.!


Jaci - July 21

I know I have a lot. I've had an ongoing list even BEFORE I got married! :) I've wanted babies for a long time...also, I'm at home all day with nothing else to do but try to name my little angel! : ) Coming up with names isn't the hard part....trying to get my hubby to agree with me on a name is the hard part.


home all day? - July 21

I for one am JEALOUS! I have to drag my *ss into work EVERY morning whether I feel like sh*t or not. And don't even get me started on having to buy a WHOLE new work wardrobe - spending all this money p*sses me off! I'm not hating on you... I'm just REALLY SUPER JEALOUS! :(


Ashley - July 21

Marissa is going to be my babies name I also like Kylie Kalin


Overworked!? - July 21

Wow must be nice to have so much time on your HANDS- your husband must be a great provider bc I TOO am jealous and doing this pregnancy alone with a full time job


Overworked?! - July 21

My baby name list is relatively small: Girls- Bria, Brianne, Katya, Emma, Mia, Allyson & Boys- Nate, Tyler, Mickey, Luke


yuk - July 22

I have heard one name I would like to swap with!


to ms. yuk - July 24

sorry, but unfortunately you're not the only one looking for a name for their child. i thought she had a great idea. you don't like them, so what. keep your bad att_tude to yourself.


*airi - July 25

mmmm..aina,aya,ayako,miyabi, azumi, omg i really love letter A..well my first baby is (Airi) mm aimee, for boys mmm ryushin,ryuji, ryu meaning is always dragon in kanji in our contry..


kat - July 25

my son is going to be named Elijah Anthony


amanda.d - July 25

My boys name list is Cameron or Kameron, Hunter, Jackson or Jacxon, Carson, Wyatt, Spencer, Brady,Tigh or Ty, Brett Zander, Camdyn, Corbin, Grayson, Baylie, Reece, Zachariah, Graham, Hudson, Tate, Rhett, Maxwell, Brody. My girls name list is Ava or Avah, Isabella, Lily, Marya or Mariah. I really don't have many girls names but I haven't needed to really look as I am Very partial To Avah, lol. I am leaning for Camdyn for a boy, maybe.


MJM - July 26

For a girl I like Kylie Jo or Lexi Jo. If we are having a boy we are naming him after my hubby but the names that I liked are, Keifer, Kyler, Addison and keni (Key-ny). Jaci are you a nascar fan by chance? Just a question no offense. I too love nascar and that is the first thing that I thought of when I seen Kahne (driver Kasey Kahne) Bristol (race track) and sterling (sterling Marlin). Anyway Names are a hard thing to choose. For a girl her middle name has to be Jo, after my middle name which is after my dads middle name. Anyway that is all for now.


Jaci - July 26

lol! MJM, yes...I like Nascar...kinda have to be considering I'm married to a Jeff Gordon nut! :) I wanted to have a list of names that I know my hubby would like. If it were up to me, we would have a little #48 on our hands! :)


Michelle - July 26

Our little girl's name will be Caterina Alisa



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