Baby Nursery Brainstorming Needed Plz

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^lucy^ - February 12

hi ladies,, happy pregnancies to u all and hope ur doing great at this time.. i need ur help in getting some ideas plz.. im starting my 7th month next week and i just have this feeling that i need to start setting the place for our baby girl.. i want it to be cute and im trying to think on the setting.. she's going to share our bedroom since we only have 1 bedroom.. but that's ok there's room for her crib and i've been thinking of getting a shelf unit beside the crib to put some frames and teddies for some decoration.. i cut some cute figures of pooh, disney characters, and other cartoons to stick on the wall above her crib.. would u suggest any other cute things that could make her part of the room special? thanks to u all for the input :)


falafal0 - February 13

I love the idea of those foam or wood shapes of the letters of the baby's name, adn seeing as you're sharing a room, perhaps not on the actual door, but above her crib or on it? What about a pretty bright wall hanging for her to look at? I guess you can make her a little room of her own by personalizing that corner...a mat or soft rug that is taped to the floor to prevent you tripping that will match the colours would be nice? And a mobile with a soft lullaby whengoing to sleep? Jsut thoughts. I'm excited for you! I love decorating! Good luck..


^lucy^ - February 13

thanks a lot falafal0 i love the idea of the foam letters and im gonna start with it today once im home!! we decided on our baby's name already so i guess this is one thing i can start making :) will go soon to shop for a cute rug as well.. thanks for ur ideas and waitting for some more from others also :)


falafal0 - February 13

that idea about a shelf is also great - you can put anything on them, even hang pretty things off it, you know on those shelves that have three or four hooks as well? We rent, so I would LOVE to be able to decorate our children's room as I like, paint, borders etc, but simply can't. The stick on characters will look really good once the colour theme is happening.



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