Baby Presses On Bladder What Am I To Do

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Claire - March 4

It seems like the baby presses and kicks on my bladder a lot, I'm 25 weeks now, and keep going to the bathroom each hour or second, is that ok, what should I do? anyone else?


eyebeeablessing2u - March 4

yep. Got ya beat though. i go every 10 minutes. I have found that if I drink more water I go less... and if you lean forward you can usually empty your bladder more. Not much else you can do about it. I laugh alot when baby is bouncing on my bladder as you can explain the sensation much unless you have experienced it yourself. Definately don't hold it in because that can cause UTI. If you feel the need to go.. do it.....


chiyochan - November 3

I am 24 weeks and my baby boy is constantly on my bladder lol :) I sometimes joke that hes danceing a bladder two step lol. I am usually in the bathroom every half hour or less and have not found anything to remedy it. I have even tried leaning to the side when sitting in hopes that he will settle somewhere else.


kmoselle - November 4

I can't pa__s a bathroom without going. Even when I just went, it feels like I have to go again! My last ultrasound showed the baby using my bladder as a pillow! His head was right on top of it and everytime he moved or kicked I got the "gotta go" feeling! Like eyebeeablessing2u, I find the the more water I drink, the less often I go and that my bladder is more full and I feel more relieved, rather than "I still gotta go!"


CourtneyHope - November 4

My little girly is pressing on mine bad sometimes that when I cough or sneeze really hard I pee a little!!! Kinda embarra__sing, but gonna be worth it in the end!!


angelmonkey - November 5

i have to wear panytliners as i leak quite alot where she kicks my bladder so hard!! sometimes it feels like she kicks my peehole out of place lol


kmoselle - November 6

My sister gave me some sort of under beely belt. She bought it at a maternity clothing store. It goes around the back and below the belly. It lifts it up and takes the baby right off the bladder! What a lifesaver!!!


khughitt - June 4

I got you all beat my baby boy is on the bladder and I have no control or sensation to pee. Therefore I am having to wear diapers myself. It just come out whenever it wants to.



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