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C.C. - November 8

I know this may seem silly.... I have heard that if the baby's heart beat is below 150 it is a boy and if it is above 150 it is a girl. Just wondering if anyone has had an ultrasound and knows if this might be true in their case. Just for a little fun, to help us moms that haven't had an ultrasound yet.


jb - November 8

Well at 12 weeks the heartrate was only 139 but now its always at or over 150. They say Im having a girl, but they were only 80% sure.


Lia - November 8

Hi C.C. - I had an u/s at 20w6d and the baby's heart rate was 150, the lowest it has ever been. I was told it is a girl, and with my first girl, the heart rate was high like this too. Good luck with your pregnancy and I hope you get what you want - boy or girl!! Take care.


Heather - November 8

My baby's heartbeat has always been very high - 150 was the lowest. I found out 2 weeks ago that I am having a little boy.


Terra - November 8

hello, I have heard my baby's heartbeat now a couple of times, and seen it on my ultrasound scans, and it's stayed around 150-156 beats per minute, and that is normal for any baby, I don't beleive that makes a difference in s_x... But I haven't looked into it a whole lot.. Healthy heartbeat is all I'm after Good luck *they think I"m having a girl* do u know what your having yet? Is that why the question?


C.C. - November 8

I am excited that I am getting some responses from you all. Can't wait to hear some more to see what the statistics are. I know this is totally for fun, it is just to get an idea. I haven't had my ultra sound yet, but I am READY!! I will just be glad to see my healthy little baby, but knowing the s_x would be nice too! Thanks for all the responses, and keep them coming!


Anne - November 8

I'm having boy/girl twins. My boy is in the 150's and my girl has been in the 140's.


Brittany - November 8

i just found out im having a girl and her heart rate was 148 BPM! Does any one know what the normal heart rate range is?


Lia - November 8

Hi Brittany - I was told that normal heart rates range from 120 to 160, so at 148, I would say your baby is fine!


Jo - November 9

I just went to the doctor yesterday, and the heartrate was 162, which is what it's been close to every time we check. SO....according to the theory of fast heartrates equals girls, its a girl. But if you go by no nausea means a boy, its a boy. We'll find out for sure December 6!


Suzie - November 9

my baby's heartrate was 136 the day we found out its a GIRL :) that was yesterday


C.C. - November 9

How far along are you 'Jo'?


Shannon - November 11

Well I went in for my u/s today and the baby's heartbeat was 150, I don't know what the s_x is yet, but my boss seems to think its a boy... I guess we will find out when s/he decide to show us!!


to C.C. - November 11

The old wives tales & the "let me know if your fetus does this or this" stuff is silly. A baby is what it is. And seems lots of people don't have the patience to wait a little longer & not play these self-deceiving games. Anyway, my baby originally had a heartbeat that measured 170 bpm, & now it's 140. The nurse told me it'll fluctuate. I doubt my baby's genitalia is fluctuating to keep up with the heartbeat & an old wives tale.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 12

That is c___p, my son's heartbeat was always in the 160"s the whole pregnancy.


Maggie - November 12

Whether you think its c___p or not, people don't need to be so rude. People need to loosen up. BTW, I have a son and am currently pregnant with a girl, and with both their heartbeats were/are in the high 140s.


Amy - November 12

I'm having a BOY and his heart rate is all ways in 160 +



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