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momma87 - May 28

Don't get mad if you see this posted in multiple forums, I'm just trying to get the most amount of ideas for my baby's sc__pbook. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas of what to include in it. So far I'm thinking about maybe putting pictures of famous people born on the day my baby is born, a pic of their birthstone and flower, and of course pictures of my baby. I still don't know what I'm having. I wont get an ultrasound until my next appointment which is on the 22nd of June. I'm going to be real sad if they can't tell then either. I had one done at 18 weeks, and the picture wasn't clear enough for the lady to tell. Anywho, ideas would be helpful...thanks.


HannahBaby - May 28

My daughter is 16 months old and i am a sc___pbook freak!! I have about 5 60page sc___pbooks done already. For the first book i put pictures of me and my husband as a baby/child/teenager. Then put pictures of us as a couple, then pictures of my pregnant belly, then labor (not the graphic ones, but i was induced for 5 days so i have alot of Hospital pictures) and then her and i right after she was born, and then i went on from there. I didnt want to put certain things in the book (baby bracelets, the crib card) So i bought a really nice wooden box and put the graphic delivery pics, her cord clamp, her first binky, the outfit that she came home in, her hat from the hospital, Her 1st birthday candle etc. in that. Also in the beginning i put her foot print card from the hospital and her announcement that was in the paper in the sc___p book. I have so many sc___p books its unreal. My husband thinks im crazy because im always snapping pictures all day long. I think that some of the best pictures are when they arent posing, they are just being themselves. Im excited to show them to her someday. Im a big freak that way. I did a baby book for her, a pregnancy diary and i write to her in a special book about once a week. I am having a boy (well thats what the tech thinks it is) and i am doing the diary and baby book but unsure of what to put in the keepsake box. Im sure he wont want to see the delivery!! haha. Im hoping that hell be a sentimental mush and love looking at the sc___p books/ baby books. Hope some of this helps :o)


momma87 - May 28

Thanks so much!


mcatherine - May 28

I started my oldest son's with the congratulation cards I got when I was pregnant, moving on to ultrasound pictures and pictures of my growing belly. I also have a page where I cut up the cards from my shower and put them into a collage, mixed with the handwritten messages from family and friends. For the day he was born - my mother clipped the "If You Were Born Today" horoscope from the paper and the headline from the front page. I did include his crib card and bracelet. I kept all the cards from the flower arrangements and dried a flower from each, put them in shrink wrap and used them to frame one of the pages. The birth announcement that was mailed, as well as the announcement in the newspaper take up another page. Every year on his birthday , I still clip his horoscope and the headline to add to the book. He's now 10 and loves to look at it. It's a fun project - have a great time with it!!


Perl - May 29

These are all great ideas! I'm pregnant with my first now and I'm going to get mine started now using some of your ideas.


Lilu - May 31

WOW... you guys are great!! I want to start doing this!!



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