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kk - May 2

When do most Baby Showers occur... I mean, what month of the pregnancy? I assume if you wait to long, the baby could come early?!? What is standard?


nm - May 2

I don't know if it is standard, my coworkers are throwing me a shower next month and I will be 7 months.


Heidi - May 2

I plan to have one in my 7th month. I'm due later Oct and plan to have one sometime in August.


chel - May 2

7 months is about right. My first child was born at 31 weeks and we'd had the shower 2 weeks prior to that, thank goodness!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 2

I also had mine at 7 months. :o)


Kelly K - May 2

I'm having one at 6 months, 6.5 months, 7 months and 7.5 months. I'm still hoping I can get everyone to just combine into one big shower!


tara - May 2

I didn't want one but now that everyone i know is asking me about it I plan to have it sometime in the 7th month. That's not too early and not too late if the baby comes early or if I'm too uncomfortable in the last few weeks.


~S~ - May 2

I'm going to have mine at 7 months too, it sounds about right to me, anything earlier would feel too early and anything after, would feel rushed. I want to have time afterwards to see what else I might need. My gf is putting one on for me, i'm just waiting for my next ultrasound, so that I can find out what my baby is before I give my gf a date for the babyshower. I would prefer gender related items.


Julie - May 3

With my son I was due June 25th and had my shower the last week in May.


Lynn - May 3

My MIL is thorwing one for me when I will be about 25 weeks only because they live about 3 states away & I don't want to travel for 6 hours in the car when I get into my last trimester. My mom will probably have one for me here sometime after 28 weeks... we son't find out the s_x until my 28 week u/s... that's when my doctor does them!


Beth - May 3

I am due Aug 31 and, keeping fingers crossed, will hopefully find out the s_x of the baby on Tuesday May 10. I am a__suming then my finace and I will go register and let my mom and his mom take over from there, I know my mom is extremely excited so right away she will set a date and send out invites. Give or take I think they will throw it last week of June or first week of July, 7/8 months


jen - May 3

you lot have got it spot on... we dont have these in england. pain in rear cos we need all the little bits and pieces and i very much like to be organised but have to wait for people to offer to buy something and then i guess wait til they come over to meet the baby and bring it with them. not much use if they dont come over til the baby is 3 weeks old and we haven't been able to put it in a baby bath yet!!! dont know what to do. mother in law has been very generous and i kind of a__sumed that my parents would buy the cot but cant keep waiting for them to take the hints i keep dropping (have been very obvious!!) not fair. feel rude trying to throw one, not being very 'british with stiff upper lip!!'


D - May 3

I've been to showers all the way from the 6th month, until a month after the baby is born. Personally, I think the 6th or 7th month is most useful...


Nick - May 3

My shower is at the end of my 7th month. My friend that is giving it went early(5 weeks) and had her baby two days after her shower.



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