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M - October 19

I wanted to know everyone's opinion. I'm due 2/20 and just found out that my "surprise" baby shower is on Nov. 26th when I'll be a little over 7 months. Is this too early? I wanted it sometime in Dec., but never thought it would be in November, even the end of it.


Tara - October 19

I am due 2/06/06 and my baby shower is going to be 11/19. I thought it was way ealry but with the holidays so many people would be out of town and not able to attend plus I think I am due 1/27 by my dates so I want enough time to put everything together and not stress the last 2 or 3 weeks....


kr - October 19

There are many reasons this could have happened. My guess is that the host wanted everyone to attend. For this reason she tried to schedule it before after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. She may have thought everyone would have been burned out by January. I don't think it's too early at all, this gives you a chance to ask for gifts over the holidays you don't get at your shower. Just sit back and enjoy!


M - October 19

you don't think people will be overwhelmed since it is thanksgiving weekend?


shelly - October 19

I'm due feb 12th and my shower is Jan. 8th. It's hard being due in Feb, because of the holidays!!


mother777 - October 19

i am due jan 10, and my shower is dec 3 or the 10th before xmas holidays. i guest my host figure they could buy the baby a gift as if they was buying a xmas gift for someone.


Pete - October 20

what is a baby shower?? does it involve family? my husbunds family live abroad and my family lives abroad too, we dont have a lot of close friends, and do only americans do baby showers? i live in switzerland, is the mentality the same here???


Beth - October 20

I've always thought that it made more sense to have the baby shower, when the baby is allready here, so that everyone can see the baby, am I the only one that thinks this is a good way to do it? Otherwise half the people that would be at the shower wouldn't even see the baby until it was bigger....I don't know, just my thoughts.


M - October 20

beth, i see your point, but i think the reason for having it before the baby is born is because you need so many things (especially if it's your first).



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