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Em - November 23

I was wondering, none of my friends have mentioned a shower(doesnt mean they're not planning one), I really want one, is it tasteless for me and my mom to do it? I love baby showers and have held a few for my friends in the past, but is it wrong for me to do it for myself? Im 22 weeks so Ive still got plenty of time, just wondering.....


Allie - November 23

I know yoru not supposed to, but I asked my sister to throw mine for me...that way I knew I would get one. While it wouldn't be kosher to ask a friend to do it, I think asking your mother to throw it would be fine...what else are family for? I don't think you should host it yourself, but you can help your mother plan it.


Shannon - November 23

The age of surprise baby showers are over. Everyone knows that there is going to be one, so you might as well have a hand in planning it! Why not get your mom to host it and you can help plan the activities! Its fun!


Em - November 23

Slow Down! Usually a baby shower is about a month before you are due. I'm sure your friends will start talking...just as soon as your showing a little more!


melanie - November 23

Hi em. when I was pregnant lat time nobody was going to throw me one so I thre my self one. I payed for everything, had my mother inlaw make the food and put that my family was throwing it on the invitations. I started it and then my family jumped in to help. I had mine when I was 6 months pregnant only because I was having twins and didn't kow if they were going to come early.


Marissa - November 24

I don't think its tasteless if you and your mom do it yourself, I did it that way and it turned out great , everything went as I wanted it, and we all know that with preg hormones we can get irratated easily...


. - November 25

I'd feel too presumptuous & forward to plan my own shower. "Hey everyone! Buy me presents!" I mean, most people I know are having financial problems just as much as I am.


To - . - November 26

Why not try asking your mom to throw it and you act surprised. Then all your poor friends will know that its a surprise and are more likely to show up :)


Melanie - November 26

Do whatever feels right! It is early, so your friends might not be getting into planning just yet, but I'm sure if you and your mom would enjoy doing it, they would be glad to help or join in at the party. Some folks do a couples thing, where it's a gathering with the guys and gals, perhaps a little more laid back and not so much focus on games and such. Have fun!


Just a thought - November 26

You can always have your mom call your friends to see if they want to help in any way...


melissa - November 27

I had a couple friends offer, but my mom is organizing/throwing the shower, i think it is totally fine for a relative or a friend or an in-law to do it! I am having mine when I am 30 weeks or so, in another couple of weeks -- I didnt want to want to wait until Jan, bad time after the holidays, and I had a friend who had her baby a month early -- she had her shower at 6 months luckily! I think having a shower in the 6-7 month timeframe is totally fine. My baby girl is due end of Feb.


melissa - November 27

also, i dont ANYONE who has surprise showers these days, by the way, these things take planning, i think surprises would be very hard to pull off and everyone asks you about it anyway. so dont worry, plan away with your mom! people expect brides and first time moms to have showers, its not selfish!


Tamisha - November 29

Without even really discussing it, it was decided that my mom was throwing me a shower, so I don't have too much to worry about. If I can depend on anyone to throw a good shower it would be my mom.



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