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Newhoneybuns - June 15

I don't know how you guys call it but here it's called a "baby shower". And i was wondering how popular is it ?


KLT - June 15

Where are you? Are you having a baby shower? I'm having mine in August...i'm due in October. I suppose its a time for friends and family to get together...and give you presents! haha.. Sounds like a plan to me! : )


Tiffany814 - June 15

Newhoneybuns, where are you from? Just curious. I'm from New Jersey and the baby shower is very popular here. You usually only get one for your first child- its a chance for your friends and family to shower you with gifts in preparation for your new little addition! They are fun, and everyone I know has gotten one when they were pregnant with their first child. Usually your mother or mother-in-law, sisters or close friends will help throw it for you.


Robyn - June 15

I live in Connecticut, US, and its very popular for a women to have a baby shower for her first baby here. The parents usually register at a baby store and the guests bring them something from their registry. Its usually only for the first baby though, anymore after that and their on their own unless its been like 10 years since the first. But yes, its very popular here and usually happens about 1-2 months before the due date. I think a lot of countries don't do baby showers b/c of a fear that something might happen to the baby at birth and there won't be a baby to bring home. Its understandable, so I can see the arguement. Where are you located?


Tiffany814 - June 15

Robyn, you're right about other countries not doing baby showers. My husbands family is from Italy and they do not believe in baby showers for fear of 'jinxing' the pregnancy. They also don't celebrate birthdays before the actual day b/c its considered bad luck. It's different here in the US. I think the baby shower is a great thing for first time mommies. You get to register for fun baby stuff and get all your loved ones together to celebrate your pregnancy :-)


Newhoneybuns - June 15

I'm from East Canada , 15 minutes from Maine USA borders, and yes it is very popular here too. And like you all say they do it for the first baby and for the same reasons. But i was just wondering how popular it was and if they did it everywhere .. i;m that curious :p Well as of for me my boyfriend told me last weekend that i won't have one cause my mom can't make me one since she isn't feeling too good and his mom well she got multiple sclerosis. So it made me really sad and i started crying. To get a baby shower it's just so special and now he says i wont have one but maybe it's just to throw me off or something i have no idea. Cause then again we were at the restaurant last saturday with my mom and dad and my bf and i was a bit farther then them and heard my mom ask bf if i suspect anything. So when he told me that i told him what i heard and he says he dont remember my mom saying anything like that. Anyways i'll just let time go and we'll see i guess :-( Oh and btw KLT isnt the baby shower supposed to be a surprise? :p


KLT - June 15

Really? I didn't know that they only throw a shower for the first child? Thats news to me. I'm from Virginia by the way. Baby showers don't have to be a best friends are throwing mine for me at my mothers house. They are doing all the planing but did ask for some input from me on things I what i'd like to eat, or what colors I like. Everything else is up to them. I suppose it can go either way..surprise or no surprise. Plus I've also heard mixed reviews on whether or not men or children can attend. Some say its only for women. Some say everyone can come...and some say only women and children. I'm just going to have the ladies at mine. I'm not really one for these kinds of parties, nor am I big on the shower "games" people idea of fun isn't wrapping people up in toilet paper to win a prize...I dunno..maybe i'm just a spoilsport? But...i've never had my own baby shower, and i've only been to bridal we'll see! Newhoneybuns, if you heard your mom and your bf talking..chances are they are up to something special for you! Besides, I don't think your loved ones would leave you sad like that!! And what about your friends? I'm confident you'll have something for you!!! : )


Taffy - June 15

I'm from the UK where baby showers aren't very common although they are becoming more popular in recent years. Most women get given hand me downs from friends and relatives so the baby things are pa__sed around a fair bit. I always think that baby showers are a very american thing.


Tiffany814 - June 15

I agree with KLT about it being a surprise- it can go either way...some women like to be surprised and some don't. Also, people like my SIL, when we were planning hers, she had a lot of complications with her pregnancy and suffered from toxemia so the doctor said it wouldn't be a good idea to 'surprise' her and kinda frighten her into labor, lol- so we told her about it. I liked being surprised for my bridal shower but for my baby shower, I want to have some input too. I'm not big on the games either and I like to be in the loop for some stuff. My mom is the master party planner, better than martha stewart, so I know she'll do good! haha- Its such an exciting time to share with family and friends- as for who should be invited, maybe my family is a little different from others, but some men are usually invited. They actually like it...and as for my husband- he LOVES this stuff- he took over at the bridal shower and opened most of the gifts! seriously its so nice to be able to share that stuff with him and have him actually enjoy it. The only men that come are my dad, father in law, brother, cousins, brother in law, cousins , some close uncles and grandpop- they always have a table at all the showers for our family- its really cute actually- I m sure some think its weird -we're all very very close and I wouldnt have it any other way! The men usually do the jobs of trucking the gifts back and forth, video camera duty, picture duty- my hubby helps open of course and the others kinda roam around- go to the bar watch some tv or whatever. As for only having one baby shower- yes thats the norm. The reason is b/c the baby shower is intended to prepare your for your first child...give you all the basics, etc. once you hit 2 plus, your considered a seasoned veteran and dont need that stuff anymore- its acutally considered a little selfish if you have one for a second or third and they are close in age to the first one you had. my mother in law had her daughter and then her son 2 years later (my hubby) and then got pregnant again like 12 years later- she had been out of the loop for 12 years so her sister threw her a very small little shower at home- thats the only time I've heard of someone having 2 baby showers.


CaliTrish - June 15

I live in California and baby showers are pretty popular here. It's a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the impending birth with food, games, & gifts. My best friend is throwing mine. I'm not really big on the baby shower games either. Instead, we're thinking of having everyone decorate sc___pbook pages for me, so I can just add photos later. I'm thinking I won't have time to be creative once the baby is born. Plus, I like the idea of remembering my baby shower every time I open my baby's sc___pbook.


KLT - June 16

Oooh, the sc___pbook idea is a great one! I wouldn't have thought of that!! My bestfriend is putting up some baby pictures of me at the party... and I have no idea what else she's got planned. But I just may steal your sc___pebook idea because you are right...when are we going to have time to do one later? Besides..i've started so many and have never completed takes too much time! :-P


mandee25 - June 16

I am having mine at the end of September or first of October and I am due November 15th. I can't wait!


CaliTrish - June 16

KLT, feel free to use the sc___pbook idea. We actually did something similar at my bridal shower a couple years ago except I supplied a bunch of photos of dh (dear husband) and I. We dated 8 years before tying the knot, so I had a lot of pics. It's a great keepsake. For the Baby Shower, we might go with themed pages like "Baby's first . . . bath, steps, stroll, roll, Christmas, etc." or "Baby Time . . . bath-time, nap-time, play-time, etc." or we'll just let people decorate pages at random. We've got time to come up with ideas as we're aiming for Labor Day Weekend, somewhat appropriate don't ya think? Oh, one game I do like is having everyone bring a baby picture of themselves and everyone tries to match up who's who, the one with the most correct guesses wins. Not that winning really matters, I just think it would be really cute to see how everyone looked as a baby.


squished - June 17

I just went to my brothers baby shower and they had guys, girls and kids and it was a huge bbq, pool party thing. My SIL (who is due very soon) and I were worn out there were so many people there. We've moved a lot in the last couple of years and a lot of our friends from our hometown are now gone, so I don't really know who would come to our shower. Everyone is so scattered and I don't want to have a shower with 5 people there! I really like the sc___pbook page idea though. And I love the string game where people try to cut off a length of string that would fit around you. I'm only 20w so I have a lot of time to figure it out yet.


frankschick2001 - June 19

I am from New York, and yes, we have baby showers. I know my friend, who is Jewish does not have them because of "jinxing" it, but I am sure you will meet plenty of jewish women who do in fact have them, so I guess it's all a personal choice. I personally do not like to be the center of attention, but I am looking forward to my baby shower. It will be fun, and it is a huge help for couples having their first child. The expense of buying everything yourself can be astronomical, so the gifts really do help new parents.


frankschick2001 - June 19

Oh yeah, we mainly only have showers for first babies. Normally, with a second child, you still have all your baby gear that you used with the first so you don't need as much with the second baby. Plus, it is hard on the guests to have to keep buying things!! The parties themselves are usually not that big. We invited 50 people to my sisters shower and probably around the same for me. We are having her shower at a restaurant that provides a private room.


AmyF - June 19

I am in FL and friends of mine are almost fighting to be the one to throw my shower, so I guess I'll be having 3 (the 'big' one, another friend is going to throw a small one and then at work- they always throw one). We just registered this past weekend and BOY- was that time consuming. You want to put everything on the registry so you don't miss anything to receive as a gift. It used to be that registries were not popular, so the mom-to-be just received any kind of gift and it had to be heresay as to what she really wanted. THis way everyone knows exactly what you want and although it spoils the surprise part, at least you have everything covered.



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