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renaye - December 3

Hi all ~at what stage do you think is a good time to hold your baby shower?


jennifer_33106 - December 4

Most people wait until their third trimester to have the baby shower. Some people wait til the baby is here. I would do it when ever you want to though. If you want to find out the s_x, then I suggest waiting til after you do so you are not bombarded with yellow and greens. Most people though wait til the third trimester. I am having mine on the 15th of Dec and Ill be 31 or 32 weeks. :)


jennifer_33106 - December 4

OH but I do wanna say.. Be careful about having it too close to your EDD. What if the baby comes early and you dont have time for a baby shower? Also we want to wait til after the baby shower to buy the rest of the baby stuff. So that is the other thing. Dont have it too late. haha


beardtl - December 4

I am due in April and I'm planning to have my baby shower in February. I didn't want to have it too close to the edd, but early enough to have time to buy what i don't get as a gift. so two months before the edd for me-


sarahnicolesmom - December 4

I vote for the two months before edd -- I did it that way with my first baby and still had ample time to buy what I didn't get and still comfortable enough to enjoy it - lol. I'm due now on the 28th of May so I'm planning to do it by the end of March or the beginning of April.


mgn - December 4

i am due april 26 and plan to have it the first saturday of march. :) so exciting!


Mel Page - December 5

Well , I also think that you should have your babyshower whenever you choose to, I'm having mine this saterday the 8th, I'll be 28 weeks then. Thought that I didnt wanna wait till I'm even more uncomfy and Huge, I also wanna enjoy the day you know? So there's my 10cents worth. Good luck and God Bless Hun!!! :-))


Faye84 - December 5

I waited a month before I was due, Which is a good think i didnt wait any longer, I had my DD two weeks after the shower.


JoJo123 - December 5

I have one tonight at 25 weeks and another one at about 34 weeks. Space them out so you have time to enjoy them and it's like Christmas every month :) (Also, my family goes south for the winter, so we have to do that side before they leave). Do whatever you want!


cayingo - December 7

Don't wait too long. With my DD I was 36 weeks and having one of my baby showers on a Sunday. At that shower I was having weak, but regular contractions and about an hour in to it I lost my mucos plug (freaked me out!!) The next day (Monday) I went to work still having contractions that were getting stronger. The girls gave me a shower at the end of school and Iw as relaly not feeling well at all. Thankfully my Mom had come to the shower and was planning to go back home and stay the night (we lived about 2 hours apart). She took me to the dr after that shower and they checked me and found I was 4cm dialated, and would staying there to have the baby. We did n't even have our hospital bag packed yet, let alone the nursery completely ready. 12 hours later (at 36 weeks) our DD was born. :) This time I will have all showers and the nursery done by week 32.



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