Baby Shower Dilema HELP

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Dia - February 21

Hi Ladies! I am having a problem and I wanted some un-biased advice. I live in FL and my MIL lives in MN and she wants to throw me a baby shower next month (I will be about 29 weeks) in MN. I have an incredibly busy schedule (grad student and university teacher) and she is wanting to throw it over spring break, which is my catch-up/relaxation week. I would be getting very behind if I take 4 days off to fly up there. Not only that, but it will cost about $400 just for the plane tickets, which we would have to put completely on a credit card. I really would like to go, and would like to be there b/c this is my first baby and it is really nice of them to do this. What would you do?? Should I just say F* it and go? or be sensible and stay home? Help!!!!


AD - February 21

GO!! This only happens once - with your FIRST baby and all! Go and indulge in all the wonderful things that you and your little one will be getting!! Maybe plan it to where you come home at least one day before having to get back to the least you can rest then! :o) Go and have fun with everyone fussing over you!!


iakram - February 21

hi dia - i agree with AD you should go - have fun...I know things will be tight all around with school and money but it's your 1st baby! you want to enjoy everything...if you don't go you'll have regrest maybe not now but sometime down the road - so good luck with whatever you choose :)


Steph - February 21

I would definatley go! It's really nice that your MIL is doing that for you and it'll be fun and really exciting for you as well. Check on Southwest Air for their specials and maybe you could get a ticket a bit cheaper than $400. Also, to ease any stress regarding school, make sure that you take a few hours out of your days while you are visiting to catch up on anything that you need...:o)


Anne - February 21

It's very thoughtful of her to do that for you. You could always tell her your dr. won't let you travel in the 3rd tri. and that way it's not like you're making the decision, it's the dr. My sister was in AL & my family was in IL when she was pg. Due to $ issues, my sister was unable to travel. A family member held a shower for her, we all showed up--except her (ha!!) and then my mom sent couple of big boxes down to her full of all her gifts. That seemed to work just fine for everyone. Talk to dh & do what feels right for YOU. Good Luck!!


pjn - February 22

Except for the fact that travel is perfectly fine to do up until your 36th week unless you have some sort of complication (pre-clampsia, etc). Sorry, I wouldn't lie. My luck would be I would end up with some kind of complication...


JC - February 22

I wouldn't go if it were me. I value my time off and I need my rest. Just my own opinion. My mil pulled that one on me with my first and it was miserable. Then lugging all the things back was a pain in the a--.


Tillie - February 22

If you would really like to go and would like to be there, as you said, why wouldn't you go? You can spend half of spring break relaxing at home, and half at a party that's being thrown for you, full of presents and baby baby excitement! You definitely don't want to miss that, it seems to me. I'm a university teacher too, though, so I DO understand all too well how very precious spring break week is. But while there will be more free weeks in your future, there won't be more first-time baby showers.


Dia - February 22

Thanks everyone for your opinions! DH and I talked about it last night, and the money issue is our biggest problem. We could purchase our entire nursery for what it would cost for me to fly up there and spend about 4 days. I think I am gonna stay home. Besides my doctor (military) won't let me leave the area at 30 weeks and I will be super close to that - my insurance won't cover it if something were to happen (military, again). I think I am going to just stay home - - my family is throwing me a shower after the baby gets here for "older" baby I don't think I will miss it too awful much. But thanks for all the opinions!!!



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