Baby Shower Drama

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worried - October 31

After my father and brother in laws insistance, my mother in law who kept pushing the baby showers date she is obligated to throw because of her family is expecting it. set a date of this weekend coming up. the invites out and arrangements made......i find out my husbands uncles wife who is also preggo and due around a smiliar date having a baby shower on the same day and same time. her sis is throwing it .......Now dont get me wrong..i am all for your second pregnancy and throwing a shower. ........Heck i even made her a basket before any mention of her shower....but will it steal away from my shower:? my mother in laws sisters now have a choice of going to my shower or their brothers wifes. ....


stacey - October 31

that sucks that she planned it for the same day! I am also having drama b/c I asked for a surprise shower (a friend is throwing it), but my mother keeps trying to tell me things about it and that it can't be a surprise b/c she is in another state. It aggravates me- these are things we shouldn't have to worry about!!


Lisa - October 31

She did not plan that very well at all...


Anne - October 31

Get over it. Just be greatful for what you have.


jb - October 31

That sucks! But I wouldnt worry about it so much. They can go to hers for 2 hours then stop by yours later. Whatever, as long as you get gifts from them!!! Just kidding... They can stop by and still be involved in your special day. You will still have all of your friends and family there at yours.


Kerry - November 1

Baby showers aren't traditional in England I don't think (pretty sure I'd have known about it if they are!!) but they sound lovely. Although it's disappointing that the two are being held at the same time, as jb says, guests can always visit both parties. Maybe not exactly the best solution, but a solution non the less. x


worried - November 1

Anne dont be sooo .....mean, my whole issue was this is my first baby. and since my mother in law is throwing it will only be her family she didnt want to throw it to begin with ....but is obligated.....this is my husbands uncles wife second child.....further more i never said anything about being ungrateful! I wanted To go to her shower myself........i put forth so much effort to make her a baby basket.....with no prior knowledge of a shower going to be held for her! So its a crazy delima not only in the fact that it will effect my shower but i wanted to go to hers. thanks ladies for being so understanding and nice. im sorry stacey about the troubles your haven ...and im sure everything will work out just great! ........


Lisa - November 2

I think it sucks; if she did not want to do it she could have talked to someone else and I'm sure they would have loved to. I have a friend excited and planning one for me and she has no kids and does not even really like them; but she's my friend and a good one. This is exciting, it's your first baby dammit and people should understand that. Anne is rude, don't pay attention to that post.


to worried - November 2

Is there any way you can combine the two parties so you can both enjoy all the guests? You could call who you need to and just tell them its at a different location. And if it dosen't work out I'm sure your side of the family and your friends will have a nice shower with you. Hope it works out.



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